If you could add/change feature or design of an LV bag.....

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  1. I'm curious if you could change or add a feature to an LV bag what would you do? Several bloggers have said they wish the cell phone slot was larger to accommodate current phones such as the BB....and I agree! Some people wish some of the tote straps were a little thicker for comfort.....
  2. - I think they should make a Speedy 25 & 30 in Monogram Canvas with the detachable shoulder strap like the Idylle.

    - I also think they should make a Monogram Speedy with dyed calfskin trim & handles instead of vachetta.

    Or a combination of both above - maybe as a ltd ed. I'd be the first one in line to buy it.
  3. I would love a Galliera Damier Ebene...
    I've even heard that there might be an official release next year! :happydance:
  4. ^^^ That would be gorgeous! I just bought the Tivoli GM and think how pretty it would be in other prints too, like the Damier Ebene or Azur..... :biggrin:
  5. Yes yes, a speedy with shoulderstraps, just like the SC mono would be nice. Oh and the Trevi less heavy and not so structured.

  6. That would be cool! I would want to see an Epi Speedy 35 in Rubis and more personalization options for Mon Mono (e.g. not just stripes and initials in four possible layouts).
  7. I would make a Trevi MM.
  8. I wish they put the zippers on all sizes of Delightful. The GM is simply huge!
  9. On the Rivington PM/GM..have an outside pocket somilar to the Bloomsbury.
  10. i would through out vachetta all together..find some process for that leather so that it's not so frikin high maintenance.

    also eva straps should be just a little shorter.

    and forget change, there are lots of designs that lv should throw out all together.
  11. i was just about to post the same thing. LVoe my PM but wish it were a bit larger. sadly the GM is waaaay to big
  12. yes, straps on a speedy - must!!
    & feet please!
  13. Totally in Damier Ebene !!

  14. I hate worrying about vachetta, but I love it overall. Just ordered the LV Vachetta Handbag care kit from www.lovinmybags.com. They have a special product called LV Miracle Shield to protect your vachetta against oil and water stains. Its worth a try so I'm not so paranoid about the vachetta! :nuts:

    It would be great if LV could see our requests!!! :biggrin:
  15. I would love a Damier Graphite Galliera!