If you cook dinner

  1. do you decide what to make? Main dish, side dishes, etc? or, do you ask your husband/wife/SO what they want every day? how much input does the party who does not do any cooking have in what is made or not made? When telling them what you are making-do they have input into changing something? Say, they don't want one of the side dishes you are making-not because they don't like it, but, because there would be too much yellow on the plate (don't ask, I am so aggravated here!).

    or, do you just cook what you want (things you know your partner would like) and they are just grateful that you cook anything for them for dinner??????? I remember when i was a kid, my mother was a SAHM and she made dinner every night-dad never said a word about what she made. UGH!
  2. It's all up to me. Boyfriend eats what I put in front of him. I've never had a complaint, either........he knows better.;)
  3. When i was gowing up my dad cooked a lot & mom would almost always complain about something - too dry, too salty, too this or that - UGH. I vowed never to do that & I don't.

    Usually I will consult with my husb, but he hardly ever says he doesn't want what I'm making. If he's really in the mood for something different he'll try to convince me but only before any prep is done on my part. He also cooks 1/2 the time & I just eat what he makes, occasionally I'll have him tweak things because I like less salt/pepper etc. He can always add that to his portion after. Regardless, I always thank him if he cooks & say it's good - most of the time it really is. he does the same for me:smile:
  4. I pretty much decide what to cook. I don't enjoy cooking much at all, but my DH works and I don't so it's only fair.

    I wish he would suggest something he'd like, though, b/c planning a meal is difficult for me.
  5. I usually make whatever I feel like making if I am craving something in particular...otherwise I will make something out of ingredients I already have...if I have to go to the grocery store to get stuff, I will ask my bf if he has anything in particular he would like me to make
  6. I consult first, or DH will ask me to cook him something in particular. He's very picky, so it would be a waste if I made alot of the stuff that only I like. But...these are not huge well planned out meals, it's always simple stuff because I'm no great cook! Alot of times we have very different meals, with maybe one side that is the same. But also...I think it is different when there are children involved. Then you want to cook them healthy meals, or something they can eat, etc.. and there should be no complaining!! lol (from DH or the kids) especially if it's you slaving away in the kitchen every night.
  7. Most of the time, I will ask dh and my ds what they feel like eating and some days I will cook what I'm totally craving for.
  8. Right before I do my weekly grocery shopping, I ask DH if there is any particular food/cuisine he is craving (Korean, Italian, Chinese or noodles, stews, rice dishes, etc). After that, I usually do my own thing, search cooking websites and come up with a tentative menu for the week. By the end of the week, however, I'm searching websites under the ingredients I have leftover in my fridge and go from there.

    DH doesn't complain, because I regularly ask him what he wants to eat. And I vary meals daily, eat the leftovers myself (DH nor DS eat leftovers :nogood:), and my meals really are pretty yummy! I also keep a variety of fruit in the refrigerator.
  9. I'm single so most nights of the week I choose what I want for dinner...hehehehe.

    But when I see BF (hopefully at least 2x's a week or so) we will either go out to eat or more often than not HE will offer to BBQ and cook dinner. Dude can make steak like nobody's business.

    I love to cook but I admit I'm a little spoiled too (and deserve it!). My ex BF was Italian and a natural whip up a great multi course meal quickly kind of dude and now with this other new man in my life I just enjoy being pampered and well fed a couple nights a week (or taken out). I deserve it!!
  10. little bit of both :smile:
  11. When I do cook, which is only 2-3 days a wk, I just make what I feel like and bf eats it. He's super sweet and always says it's wonderful even when I don't think it was well done myself but I do keep in mind what he doesn't like...for ex: tomatos.
  12. Well.. right now I don't have a boyfriend or a husband, so I make all the meal decisions myself. But when I have people over, I usually ask what they'd like for dinner just to make sure everyone will eat.
  13. We usually decide together, though most of the time it's just whatever we have in the fridge and can throw together. We're not that picky!
  14. DH is not picky, his motto is "if you don't cook, you cannot complain!"

    So I pick whatever I want, just keeping in mind that he does not like food that is too cheesy or buttery, and the veggies cannot be too crunchy (he has weak teeth).

    He hardly complains. Even if I don't feel like cooking, he's ok to have lean cruisine or ramen noodles or take out!
  15. I do all of the grocery shopping, and I decide what to cook. Lately I have been trying new recipes from the cooking blogs I subscribe to. Since we have been married (almost nine years) I have usually made enough for leftovers, though I am trying to avoid that more now. Some things just don't reheat well. Last night's enchiladas reheat great, so I made the entire recipe, enough for four meals. Tonight's dish, Blackened Shrimp Stroganoff, did not look like it would reheat well (don't like to reheat shrimp much), so I only made enough for the two of us (which was almost the whole recipe, we do like to eat). It was - by the way - outstanding.....