If you "converted" to Chanel, what aspects of the brand did you have to get used to?

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  1. I was all LV before Chanel...and before I "converted" to Chanel, I was a total LV addict. There were so, so, so many new things about Chanel that I had to learn and remember. The first couple of days moving to this forum I felt so clueless about everything that everyone's talking about. Seriously, when I first saw GST and PST I thought for some reason everyone's referring to the Canadian sales tax :roflmfao:

    So, my question is, if you moved on to Chanel from another brand, what are some things about Chanel that you had to learn and to get used to??

    Some examples...Here are mine moving to Chanel from LV:

    - Chanel has "buyers" to buy stock for the store...if one store gets pink it doesn't necessarily mean all stores get pink. For LV, pretty much if it's not exclusive then all stores will get it.

    - Very, very few Chanels cost under $1200 whereas a lot of LVs are a lot more affordable. Now, whenever I go check out LV, I see something for $700 and think "Holy that's cheap!"

    - Insane price increase percentages. During the summertime, I was about to get an LV purse and a week before getting it the price went up $10...phew. If a Chanel went up $10 I would be like :nuts:

    - Price adjustments...some Chanel SAs are willing to honour the old pre-increase price up to a week. I don't think LV will ever do that.

    - Remembering that now Chanel SAs DO get commission and they DO want your sale (unless they're super snotty). LV SAs don't get commission.

    - Chanel DOES go on sale. This took some time to get used to.

    There are a lot more...of course I had to learn the lines and the names of bags, but everyone has to!

    Come and share yours!
  2. This is a kewl thread! I still am a LVoer but there's something about CHANEL that has lured me into their boutiques.

    ** I like that most of their stuff is made out of real leather. As you know, a lot of LVs are coated canvas.

    ** Their core collection is quite small. Unlike LV, there are tons of designs to chose from even from way back when.

    ** I am amazed how CHANEL holds its value in the secondary market. Vintage pieces still go for thousands of dollars. That only happens to LVs that are really sought after.

    **No vachetta to worry is got to be my most favorite convenience. No more worrying about droplets of rain or misty weather. I still have a plastic baggy in my CHANELS just in case I get hit by a hurricane while shopping

    **I like that the hardware for CHANELS have gold plating instead of the polished brass

    **I tend to not like CHANEL's lining unless its with leather

    I thinks that's it for now.
  3. I don't really feel as though it was anything I had to get used to. I was more in to YSL and a bit of LV before going to Chanel but I didn't really feel any differently about it. It was just a different boutique and brand. I didn't really analyze the differences.
  4. I was all LV for me until a couple of years ago. Some things I had to get used to were:

    --the price difference. Chanel is so much more anyway coupled with their never ending price increases.
    --I love not having to worry about vachetta. I don't freak out when it rains.
    --That Chanel does go on sale....even though I've never gotten anything on sale.
    --Chanel also does hold it's value better than LV on secondary market.
    --My biggest obstacle is having to make quick decisions with Chanel. Popular bags sell out fast and sometimes with Chanel, once their gone, their gone for good. Usually with LV you can wait and the item will get restocked at a later date. No so with Chanel.
    --I also wish there was a website like Elux where we could buy Chanel.
  5. Seems most people came from LV. All it takes is that one bag you buy and you will probably be hooked and wanting more. Whatever it is that you loved about that one Chanel bag is what will make you come back for more.

    Right now, the only thing I feel I have to "get used to" is the ever increasing prices. Seems everythng I like these days is close to 3K. :yucky:
  6. Well I'm still TRYING to convert:angel: I must have the GST with silver hardware.
    I am a LV pre-convert. I was always reluctant to pay 2K for a bag that wasn't leather but since I liked the quality became OK with it (although the only >2K LV I have is the black MC Speedy, which I still love:heart::yes:).

    Flash-forward to today and I am BEGGING Chanel to take my money for a GST:lol:

    It's only been a couple of weeks for me and I don't own one yet but here are my thoughts...
    1. Style names and codes - With LV it was much easier
    2. No on-line stores (like e-lux)
    3. Sales (don't wanna spend 2K for a bag that will be half that at the end of the season)
    4. LOVE the vintage bags
    5. Love the fact that classics hold value like my Rolex:wlae: So it really IS an investment
    6. I don't miss my RUDE SAs at LV. Every-time I went in that place I felt like the hired help. I LOVE the Chanel boutique at Saks in Cincinnati. She worked at LV and knew exactly what I was talking about. She said it's the reason she left.
    7. Chanel's design better suits my taste. It's very simple yet classy and sexy.
    8. I hate not being able to get the bag when I want it. I've never wanted a LV like this and was not able to get it.:sad:
  7. I used to be LV all the way then before all the increases on Chanel bags now im so loving the bottega venetta bags but so far I don't own one yet.
  8. For me, adjusting to the price different and treat my lambskin bags more tenderly.
  9. I hate buying bags that go on sale, therefore I have only bought from the timeless classic lines so far...... there's no worry about that with LV so that's something to get used to. AND the Chanel price increases are just HUGE. I still really like LV as well as Prada, Balenciaga, Tods, MJ, YSL and Gucci, I try to not let myself get too sucked into any one brand but Chanel bags are just soooo pretty!
  10. i was a huge LV fans, til one day i fell in love with balenciaga, then i started appreciating REAL LEather (LV is processed printed and embossed leather) then i fell into CHANEL...deeply....i love the feeling of the super soft lambskin when i am wearing it and i love the versatility from day to night (maybe bcoz of the chain factor) and i was soooo sick of bags full of logos, so thats why i am sticking with chanel =)

    and things that i have to learn and deal with chanel;
    1. NO COMPLETE catalogues like LV
    2. seasonal chanel really goes on sale and its super worthed
    3. NO online shopping like LV, gosh Thx God for TPF
    4. i love how chanel is not as 'common' as LV, i dun think any woman likes to see other woman using the same bag within 50 metres radius.
    5. but i also thinks that lv is more durable maybe because the way they process the leather.

    Anyway i am in love love love with chanel and i think at least i am gonna stay the same way for at least for the next 2 years =)
  11. I still think "tax" when I see GST/PST. :lol:

    Can't think of anything I had to get used to... perhaps learning about the Reissue.
  12. i use to have lots of balenciaga before i fell in love with my first chanel, the original coco cabas in vinyl and caviar leather.
    after i got the coco cabas, i go crazy but chanel :p

    what i love is :
    i found some old chanel as old as frm the 80s and 90s and they're still look great
    they are feminime lookin but still rockin
  13. mostly just the price!

    A lot of newer Chanel fans don't realize Chanel didn't have an increase for more than 2 years prior to this past year.
    I was talking to my LV SA and she was saying that if you average out LV's increases and Chanel's increases over the past 5 yrs - they're similar percentage wise since LV has a couple of increses a year almost every year and Chanel didn't have any for years and then had a few big ones, that's coming from my LV SA's POV.
  14. Urgh, just the price.

    Chanel was my very first designer bag (unless you count the Coach I owned when I was a teen). I got it when I was 19 or 20 and have never really been a LV fan or a fan of any other brand.

    I remember when I bought my first Chanel bag it was $935... or something close to that but definitely under $1,000... it was a beige caviar petite classic tote. Now that bag has gone up about 40% in price.
  15. Learning how to talk to 'problem SAs' to get what you want.