if you clip your keys to your cles..

  1. it depends on what cles u r using? I just clipped it to regular key ring if i am using the perfo cles, but when it comes to vernis cles, the less the better, however i gave up LV cles b/c my keys r just too bulky, so i use Coach's green dots cles, it's quite nice w/exterior pocket too.
  2. I just use a metal circle key ring and attach it to my cles d-ring or what ever I'm using. I got it at a hardware store. They have gold and silver.
  3. Most keys will fit right on cles except for smaller slot shaped car keys like BMW.
    aarti - that is a cute Coach keyring!
  4. All of my keys are are on a keyring already, so I just attached the cles to that.
  5. same here!
  6. Thanks! :heart: