If you choose only one color in croc....???

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  1. I was chatting with my mom about life in general, my kids, family, shopping (of course!)...AND HERMES...!!! And she asked me which color was my most favorite color for Hermes croc. That's is indeed a good question! I really don't know! I LOVEEE all the colors in Hermes croc.!

    Just out of my curiousity...if you choose only ONE color in Hermes croc. which one would you pick?
  2. Vert Jasmin.
  3. difficult question.....having seen most tPFers' miel kellys - MIEL. but then after seeing gina b's blue roi, BLUE ROI is another choice. then there's star's braise kelly - ugh! I want them all!
  4. Rouge vif for me please!
  5. Ohhh, yes...Starrs BRAISE is to DIE for!!!!
  6. I don't think I've seen all the croc colors on here, but I really :heart: miel. And there was saffron croc posted somewhere that just blew my mind but for myself (once I win the lottery) I think I would choose miel...
  7. I love the colors, but if I could have only one it would be graphite.
  8. Rouge H !!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    photo credit: rakuten japan
    rouge h croc.jpg rouge h croc 2.jpg
  9. Anthracite/graphite...
  10. Most important >> it must be shiny/glazed

    Although I agree that there are many beautiful croc colours, if I can only have ONE croc, then it will have to be Black. (aspen, it's so hard to choose. You must know, of all people LOL)
  11. Here is a rouge vif:

  12. ^^ Rose, Rouge Vif looks like Red Wine! :nuts:
  13. ^^ Rose - I think it's actually rouge h not rouge vif. I :heart::heart:rouge h! Keep posting pics ladies.
  14. I agree BIG TIME about 'must be shiny' part!

    AND I didn't know I would love black this much!!! I ALWAYS have been 'colorful-bag' person! But for me, it has to be 35cm for black croc. I mean 30cm black croc. is AMAZINGLY gorgeous:drool:, my mom loves her black 30cm croc. Birkin with PH for evening out! But it's just my taste...I love 35cm size for black croc Birkin, and even my DH agrees that 35cm size looks better on me for black croc. birkin.

    If it's really pop-out colors, I would definetly consider only 30cm for croc. in those 'stands-out' colors.
  15. here's a rouge vif pic from rakuten.
    rouge vif.jpg