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  1. If you caught your boyfriend or hubby viewing "inappropriate" material on the internet, not while he's viewing, but...let's say, for example, looking through the internet history and saw a link that lead to one of those sites...how would you react?

    1) Freak out and throw a tantrum, or
    2) Quietly sit him down and talk to him about it, or
    3) Ignore it, boys need to have their fun, or
    4) Other...?
  2. If you have a good relationship- communication is the key.. you should be able to talk about anything. Maybe they stumbled on it by accident.
  3. I think you should sit him down and talk about it. Couples should be able to talk about anything :p
  4. I think it depends on the exact content of the inappropriate material and the relationship itself at that point in time.

    My ex and I had an encounter like that when our relationship was pretty rock, IMO, and I freaked out first, tried to quietly talk later, and then made a point to ignore it ever after.

    Notice I said EX DH :sad:
  5. To be honest, if it was just regular all American porn, I would not care. After all, I spend hours looking at purses. Now, if he was spending tons of time looking that would be different.
  6. Another thing... there must be some mistrust or suspicion why would that person be looking through internet history?
  7. as long as its not gay or underage porn I would think it's pretty normal
  8. No...I didn't look through his history, I stumbled upon two addresses like those while I was surfing the net...you know, say I'm typing www.w and the address bar pops an address and I saw it...

    *sigh* we have a very very good relationship and I can't say that it's serious to the point we're about to get married...so I have a feeling that it's none of my business. And he always tells me how much he loves me (and of course it shows) so I'm scared to say anything because I want to save us both from embarassment...
  9. Agreed! My new DH was totally upfront with his massive collection of Playboys and Maxim (BTW, when filed in a bookcase the spines of each mag come together to make a pic of a girl, LOL!!!)

    Whereas my ex was totally hiding it.

    To me, it was the hiding I think that bugged me most. Whenever I'd borrow his computer, he'd get all freaked out and make me wait until he did a bunch of stuff. And I wasn't looking for it either, I stumbled on it looking for a file of mine.

  10. I did!!! I walked in and caught a (now) Ex doin' a little bit of *self love* in front of the computer monitor. BOY was he embarrassed. He was dumped for other screw ups shortly afterwards.
  11. :nuts::push::nuts:

  12. I know my husband looks at that stuff. And after a year I have come to the realization no matter how much i freak out or try to explain to him how it makes me feel he is still going to look at those sites.

    NOw on occasion I rip him if he's looking at soemthign I think is weird. and i find it.

    once i realized it had nothing to do with me or me as a women/his wife its kind of something that i jsut had to pardon the pun suck it up and deal with it.
  13. I honestly don't think it's a very big deal...let's face it, most men like porn whether it be on the web, a movie, or a magazine. The only time I would worry about it is if he was spending tons of time looking at it, which doesn't sound to be the case. Or, of course if it was something involving children or rape or something.

    I really wouldn't worry, I think it's very normal :yes:
  14. I would choose number 4 and watch it with him.
  15. I think a lot of guys hide it cause they're scared of the reactions of their partners.
    I'm rather open about it, but then again, my gf and I don't live together, so if she's not around, and I'm a little...antsy, I'll just have some alone time and go about my business. I don't hide it cause, I'm just like that. But I can see how some guys would.
    And really, I don't think it's anything to worry about. As long as it's nothing illegal, let it slide. Or hey...maybe watch with him ;)
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