If you carry a larger B-bag for work or school......

  1. .....do you also carry a second, smaller bag as a purse? I'm starting to ramp up my collection of "smaller" B-bags (First, Twiggy) and am dying to use them! Problem is, I usually use my Brief or a Work on a daily basis for work. Would it be totally silly of me to extraneously add on a First, even though my Work is perfectly capable of holding everything I need, including personal items? :graucho:

    I want to be able to use my smaller bags more often! WAH!!!! :p
  2. Tell yourself whatever excuse you want to justify buying more and more bags! :roflmfao:
  3. for me, i use WEs and firsts. i have other sizes too, but they dont do it for me.:supacool:
  4. Balenciaga bags look realy pretty layered. That is, if you don't mind the hassel. Try wearing an existing smaller bag with your large BBag and see if you like manuevering two bags at the same time. If so, then start shopping for your next BBag.
  5. Do whatever you think looks good. I think it could work, but I would try to compliment the colors. :smile:
  6. Yes, i do carry my work bag for work and recently just bought my WE bag, probably will use it for baby stuff......:smile:
  7. sometimes i did that LOL

    when i fell like i wanna carry my firsts but it's not enough for me.. i carry a weekender to put my files and other stuffs, the first aonly for my wallet, cells and personal stuffs :p