If you can't afford diamond stud earrings....

  1. what would the next classiest choice be?

    I'd love some nice diamond stud earrings, but I want to be able to buy a nice purse too.

    Soooo.....I'm going to buy a Cole Haan but I still need a classy pair of earrings.

    I'll be job hunting soon in about 2 months (or maybe sooner) and I need something nice I can wear to work everyday.

    I already own some nice pearl studs, but I'm sick of them. Any suggestions?:hrmm:
  2. You can find some very nice "vintage" rhinestone earrings from back in the days when the stones were hand-faceted and hand-set, and they are so impossible to distinguish from diamonds (unless a jeweler with a loupe comes burrowing into your ears) that people who prefer not to even be perceived as wearing diamonds (like me ;) ) will only wear them to family events!
  3. You can try moissanite or diamonique studs. I've been noticing lately that alot of the models or actresses in magazines that look like they're wearing diamond studs are actually wearing moissanite studs.
  4. i wear cubic zarconia - i can't afford diamond studs in the size that i want, plus i lose earrings quite easily, so i get cz. i have a good number of people ask me if mine are real, and i always tell the truth, lol.
  5. Why not pearls? Not as expensive as diamonds, but its real jewelry and it classic.
  6. I love knot earrings!

  7. She said in her original post that she already has a pair of nice pearl earrings.
  8. Passerby: LOVE your suggestions, my budget is $300.

    Anufangava: I like pearls but I have two different sets of studs and I'm just sick of wearing pearls all the time.

    OO let me see: I have a pair of sterling silver Tiffany's braided knots. I like those too, I just want something different!
  9. Are you in NY? Macy's is always having sales on their stuff. I saw a nice pair of diamond stud earrings advertised for only $100-something, on sale. If you're not near a Macy's, perhaps you can order a pair online from their site. Then again, it also depends on the # of carats ya want.

    Good luck & happy shopping!
  10. Daniela, if you are looking for something different, perhaps you should check out the awesome jewelry sellers on Etsy.

    Like downtothewiredesigns:


    I bought two key rings from him, he shipped one out wrongly (wrong colour) and very kindly sent me an extra key ring (no need to do that) all the way from the US to Singapore. Top notch customer service!
  11. My initial thought was to go with pearl but you mentioned you alread have those - so I would pick up some nice Tiffany's pieces. They have these adorable butterfly ones or hearts if you like the whimsical ones. Or more of the classic designs if you are looking for something toned down.
  12. I haven't tried moissenite, but I have tried CZ studs and a number of CZ clones (like Diamonique) and I've come to the conclusion that you may as well just buy a cheap pair of studs and toss them when they start to look cloudy. I buy glass studs from The Limited and replace them every six months for only $15. If you really want the sparkle factor, go for CZ, but if you're looking for something with the look of understated diamonds, I would advocate going cheap. I also, like amanda, tend to lose earrings though, so that's extra incentive to find inexpensive studs.
  13. How big are you looking for? I'd think that you could find a small pair of diamond studs for that budget.

    I love the pale green (and it's super pale) sapphire stud earrings hubby got me for Christmas one year. They were around $100 so you'd probably be able to find larger ones for your price range.

    I would look at different stones like topaz or quartz if you want clear. But colored stones are really popular too (and gorgeous). :smile: