If you can speak Japanese, here is a GORGEOUS lime green MA!

  1. I LOVE IT! Its the color of fresh lime! Unfortunately, I dont know what the heck is going on that page but if I could speak Japanese, I would swoop that baby up!


    This was from Yahoo Auctions, Japan


    And check out this turquoise one, circled in the upper right corner!

  2. I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so!!!
  3. OMG those are lovely colors!!!
  4. Hate to break it to y'all but that ain't Japanese! (It's from Yahoo Taiwan.) Still love the green though! And GUNG how the heck do you find these things?!
  5. LOL! I just turned bright red. Sorry about that guys! It is yahoo Taiwan, and not yahoo Japan.

    balihai, I dunno! I just poke around the internet and come across some interesting stuff!
  6. And we love you for it! How else would we know that such a beautiful green RM existed? Now, to begin the worldwide hunt for this bag!!
  7. That green one looks like my MAM (kelly green), I wonder if it's the same one? It's an older style if it is, but I got mine from eBay at the bargain price of $195!!! Still so psyched about that!
  8. Would love to see, do you have pics you can post?
  9. That turquoise is probably the ocean color, right?
  10. I'm guessing that since Ocean is a new color, it's going to have Rebecca's new hardware, so that pic is probably an older style.
  11. that green is so pretty! and love the lining of it!
  12. That green colour is a gorgeous colour for summer, it looks yummy.
  13. anyone know what color blue that is????
  14. The GREEN!

    I want ittttttttttttttttt!!!

  15. Is there anyone who can verify what color this is for sure? And if/when it is/was available?!