If you can save more money getting a Speedy made in USA than made in France,

  1. which one would you choose? For example, if you could save $100 from buying a Speedy made in USA, would you buy it? Given both of them are new! :amuse: :smile: :yes:
  2. I'll much rather spend more $ on getting the made in France speedy. That's why I still didn't get my mono speedy yet (got the damier speedy though). I'm thinking of getting one from Asia when I go next year even though it'll cost me like $100 extra but it's worth it for me since I really want one French made.
  3. It was sooo important for me to have my Speedy 35 made in France, I waited WEEKS to get one...I had to call another LV store and do a charge send in order to get one. For me personally, I do not want an LV made in the US if I can get one made in France. LOL Might be silly to some, but I think that if you are paying that much for a bag, you can be picky:lol:
  4. You know I couldn't care less where it's made. I have a good friend that works for LV and she told me managers from France are constantly coming here to check the factories for quality control, etc, to make sure they are all up to LV standards, so I couldn't care less.
  5. I'd go the $100 less. All my LV items are from Spain or France except my Popincourt Haut and Speedy -- they are from the US and I like that.
  6. I dont think it makes a different to me..
  7. Where it's made would be all that important to me, so I'd go with the $100 less. I'd use it toward something else. :o)
  8. Neither do I, in fact, I support 'Made in the USA' anyhow!
    It's the same bag wither way, but I'd prefer to put money into the pocket's of residents here.
  9. Hmm, I really don't understand what's the difference... Is that all just in the mind..? LOL Or are there any obvious pros for those made in France LVs..?
  10. Umm...I guess it doesn't matter to me that much. I don't ask the SA's to purposely find me "france" bags. All my bags vary where they're made...Spain, US, France...

    ...But I must confess....When I do ck to see....We all do! LOL! Well...when I ck. "secretly" and it says "France" I can't help but get a tad more excited. I know quality wise they're all the same...but I just like seeing "France" LOL!! ..a lil bonus if you will.

    My recent purchase of my baggy gm, and wapity both say France. When I bought my baggy and the SA was putting on the strap I mentioned it to her..."Oh, and it's made in France.." She's like ya, they're all the same quality, etc. I'm like,"Ya...I have other bags from Spain, etc. it's a lil bonus being it says France". We both smiled! heehee!!:lol: She was soooo nice!!!!!!!!! Very friendly!
  11. That's what I'm saying in my other reply there is no difference.
  12. Then I guess it's all in the mind then..! :lol:
  13. I wouldn't care so much too at first, but after knowing most PFers prefer made in France Speedy, it makes me wonder...
    But, thank you for the inputs. I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome! ;) :flowers:
  14. If I could save $100, I would!
  15. I have one of each - my petit bucket is made in the U.S.A and my new damier speedy 25 is made in France. I don't really have a preference as to where my LV's come from.