If you can read Japanese, can you look at this and help me

  1. I received an LV bag from an Ebayer and along with it came two tags. A smaller one that measured about 1 1/2" x 2.25" and a larger one that measured 7.5" x 3" (when open). On the reverse side of both of these tags it says: Louis Vuitton Malletier A Paris, Maison Fondee en 1854.

    Can you tell me what the Japanese text says? Are these authentic tags?

  2. I don't know if they're authentic tags but it's talking about what Epi is and how to take care of it.

    [I'm Chinese but a lot of the characters are the same]
  3. I agree with her and one of the tag have the department name and city.
  4. I can read Japanese, and I would help here but I can't see the picture you posted (i'm at work, where sites like photobucket, imageshack, etc are blocked by the firewall). If you can post the image as an attachment (rather than a link) I can try to help...
  5. Sure. one sec. Thanks.
  6. Here.
  7. I did extract the phone number from the tag and google it and it does match up with the LV Boutique in Huzisaki Japan.
  8. Oh, and the bag I bought has a March 1996 date code.
  9. I think this might be better in the Authenticate This forum since even though I can read Japanese, it's just care instructions. It'd have to be referenced with another Japanese booklet for true authentication.
  10. i'm japanese....

    on the left side, it says.... "thank you for purchasing LV epi item...." and telling you how "EPI" leather is made (colored)... then it says "please read the instractions (on the right side)and take good care of it for a long time." .... something like that.

    and on the right side from the top....
    thank you for purchasing louis vuitton goods, if you have any questions, please contact the store below... *it says it more professionally and politelly! lol)

    zip 980 (it tells you how old the zip code is!!! we haven't used the 3 dig zip code for a loooong time!)
    Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Ichiban-cho, 3-2-17

    then instraction....
    1. please be careful on color transfer and rubbing off from the shoulder strap .....from sweat, rain blah blah blah..... if it gets wet, please wipe with soft cloth and hang dry.... something like that.
    2. please don't leave the item in the car or direct sun light....blah blah blah
    3. if you use leather conditioning cream, please don't rub it on directory, please use it on soft cloths then wipe the surface... (this is kinda odd, i didn't know LV recommended on using anything on the leather!!! =)

    ....and from what i read, it looks very much authentic, i've purchased many items at japanese LV boutique and my mom (who still lives there, i'm in the US, btw) sends me gifts time to time from there.....

    i hope it helped a little! sorry about my crappy translation!!! lol
  11. Sophia, You are amazing. Thank you!
  12. Mew, Yes, I agree. This should be moved to the authentication thread. I posted in the general spot since I wanted it to be more high profile so I could have someone like Sophia find it!

    Mods, please move to that authentication or maybe reference area.
  13. thanx for posting the pics, i just saw this thread now after getting back from work..looks like you've already got a great translation (thanks to sophia618)... yeah, it is just care instructions (similar to the little booklets we now get when purchasing an item).

    btw, i just love how polite the Japanese language is. :smile: i like how it's always "please" and "thank you" for this and that.
  14. Are these the LV care tags but in Japanese?
  15. ^^ I think so.