If you can only pick one print...pirata or spiaggia?

  1. I'm curious...which print do you guys like better?:confused1: I love the jewel and dark tones on the pirate print but I usually am wearing brights and whites in the summer.
  2. i'd say spiaggia for more content n better colors that'll probably work better with the colors you wear ...even though i love pirata, i find that its hard to wear with since the colors are much more darker and "harsher" in a sense haha
  3. This would be a hard choice for me because I have not seen the Spiaggia print in real life yet. The Pirata I have is cute and everyone likes it because it is so bright with the beach theme. Very summery.
  4. yeah, I definitely see you more as a spiaggia girl! so would you sell your pirate one or keep both?
  5. I would say spiaggia, but only because I think pirates aer just eh...idk. I wouldn't buy anything with pirates on it...not even if it was a good sale. But, I think thats personal preference.
  6. I personally love all the pirate stuff on the bag but there are so many girls on it! Maybe I should get pirate in a smaller style bag w/ just teh cute little characters on it? And a big bag in spiaggia?
  7. I was asking myself that same question when getting a BV. I think i like em both.. I like the Pirata for the earthtone colors and then the Spiaggia for the more brighter colors!
  8. Sorry Annie i didn't answer your question right..
    So if i were to pick just one? ummmm....

    Probably more so the Spiaggia for me!

    (even tho i also like Pirata haha)
  9. ooh yah if u want the girls i'd say get like a ciao...it shows the 3 girls along the beach and the purple haired pirate girl inside the heart..its PERFECT!
  10. I reallllly love my Pirata, so I would have to go with Pirata XD. THE OCTOPUS MAKING THE HEART IS TO ADORABLE OKAY.
  11. Can I pick Amore instead :smile:

    Between Pirata and Spiaggia, I'd go with Pirata. But then I have not seen Spiaggia IRL yet.
  12. TOUGH to say. I like the spiaggia print better for me but it all depends on if you wear alot of black/neutral colors or browns. The pirata bag has brown/gold straps and spiaggia has black/silver. I usually wear alot of brown, yellow, white, olive but I love the spaggia print too much to pass on it so I got a Ciao in it.

    I'm gonna be selling my pirata ciao cuz I have a rule about having more than one bag in a print or bag style.
  13. I would go with spiaggia since the pirata is soooooo repetative. I have yet to see spiaggia but it seems more varied.

    I would get a pirata if it were a really go sale though.
  14. Pirata
  15. Spiagia!!!!!!