If you can only keep one BB bag......

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  1. Hi ladies, just wondering if you can only keep one balenciaga bag for whatever reasons, which model would you keep? First/City/Town or....?

    I currently own a first and a city. Feel like getting a town, but i think i'm not rich enough to keep 3 balenciaga bags. :P So perhaps have to let go 2 and stay with only 1 :graucho:

    Btw, if compared to First, is Town bigger a lot? Anyone has a photo of putting a first and a town together?
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    Interesting question!

    I just saw the "A Day in Pompeii" Exhibition was on its last day here in Perth yesterday, and today was discussing with the family what would be the few things we'd grab if we had 15 minutes to get safely out of town.

    Apart from the important things we'd need to survive (water canisters filled with water, cans of baked beans, blankets and the like), I thought the ONE Bbag I'd keep would be whichever one that was using that day, which had in it my wallet, filled water-bottle (I always fill it the night before), a book I'm currently reading and mobile.

    And, that Bbag would be either a Town or a City.

    I do have a Town and a First: for my needs, the First is perfect for formal events, when I have just my wallet, mobile and camera. One size up from it is the Town, which fits everything in snugly - I use this 50/50 with my City. The City allows me more room (I can get in a book, water-bottle and the other things I like to lug around with me) plus a scarf and sweater.

    The Town is one size down from the City - in much the same way that the City is one size down (an inch all around or so) from the Part-Time, and the Part-Time from the the Work.

    I find the Town to be a fabulous day-to-night bag, which fits my things in quite snugly. The City is something I'd use more for when I want a little extra space.

    As for letting some of your bags go, since I bought my Sang RH Town, I've never gone back to using my 2005 RH Tomato First: the Sang RH Town looks like a First (all its external seams are exactly like the First) when you carry it, but it has an amazing capacity to fit quite a bit more in it!

    So if you let anything go, I'd let go of the First first!
  3. sell the first and get a town! i have had 2 first's and LOVE the town much more!! plus you can wear it crossbody! its a perfect size for me. love it!
  4. I would keep the Town and the City if you could - the First is just too small for everyday use. In face, I cant even get all my night out essentials in it.
  5. I have a city and a first and would love a town too!

    For me my first has my heart because I love the shape and the leather on mine is really distressed, but if you asked my to choose a bag on usefulness I would choose my city, just as the bag is so comfy and practical to carry around, it sits perfectly against the body, just propertions are spot on.
    I don't think I could give up either of them to swap for a town even though it is a style which I am really drawn to and I would really like to get in the future:smile:
    Maybe you can save up and get a town in the future, if you have saved maybe you wouldn't feel so guilty having three bags?
  6. I would def go with a Town or City over a First because I just can't fit anything meaningful in a First (and prefer my Chanel flap for eveningwear). Sell the First and get a Town!! JMHO though :smile:
  7. The city. No question!
  8. I've been in this cycle before. On the 1st cycle I sold all my balenciaga and kept the city. And then I decided I can't live with just one bal bag so I bought more bals, and then comes the 2nd cycle and I ended up with 1 bal first flat brass, I love the long strap and it's such a great bag I can use for all occasions. From holiday to the beach, work, parties, clubs etc. Then I decided I cant get enough with 1 bal and been buying more.
    Now I have the city, pt, work and first.
    And I'm not sure which one I would keep if I should sell the rest but I think I would keep the city.

    It depends on your case though, what size of bag you would need to keep on this balenciaga?
    If you already have a small size bag you love a lot then you should keep a city as your nice medium bag.
    If you already have a nice medium bag you love and carried a lot maybe you'll need the first to keep as your nice small size bag
  9. I guess it really depends on how much you carry. For me personally I could never get by with a First with my day to day needs it's simplely too small. If you don't carry a lot a round a Town would be a good fit it's bigger than a First but smaller than a City. If you carry around more stuff or like having the extra space for when you need to carry around more things then go for a City. I would get rid of the First for either a Town or a City.
  10. If I had to keep only one bal bag, it would be the all time classic black rh city. I will carry it even though I am only bringing a wallet, a mobile and a cosmetic pouch. But if I need more space, it's always there, waiting for me :cool:
  11. My PT. For Sure.
  12. Part Time or City for me. I don't know how I could choose the color! Most likely either Raisin or Officier just because the go with so much of my wardrobe. So happy I do not have to choose!
  13. I start falling in love with Balenciaga is because of the shape of First. It looks so cute and chic. However there is no bal boutique near me. So i can't go to try on the bag before making my decision. So after i bought my First on line, i find it too small.....maybe i will only use it for certain occasion. Then i bought a City, but somehow i feel it could be a bit big for me? I'm not a tall girl. Then i come accross Town....but i don't think i should keep so many bal bag. Or i can start saving my money now, get a Town later :smile: Btw, since so many people comment First is too small, why is it still sellable? Or First actually not a popular model of Bal? I do have other medium and large size bag, but i never have a small bag like First.....
  14. I think if you think the first is too small maybe you should sell it and get a town, but I would also think carefully because the strap on the town is longer than the first and some people said maybe a little too long, if you are not too tall;)
    I think the first is very popular just as you said the shape is great and for some people it is the first Bal that they can afford. For me I always want to have one first in my collection just as I think it is very cute and I can use it when I go for errands or pop into work at the weekends.
    Maybe if you aren't sure you could buy the town (or save up and buy the town) and try them side by side so you can really get a feel for both styles before you decide which you prefer?
  15. i would keep the city & sell the first. If you decide to have 2, then keep the city, sell the first and purchase the town. but imo the city is the best style :smile: