If you can only have...

  1. either the monogram koala wallet ($560) or the monogram porte monnaie billets viennois (french purse $570), which would you pick and why???

    I have both wallets and I need to get rid of one! :crybaby:Which one should it be???
    koalawallet.jpg frenchpurse.jpg
  2. None. You'll regret it...
  3. LOL! That wasn't one of the choices Veronika! :P
  4. gosh, what a tough decision! I love both styles. I own the french wallet but thought about buying the koala when it came out too. I think it really depends on whether u carry a lot of credit cards or just use money. I usually carry cash and use change so i like the big coin compartment on the french wallet. If i were to use the koala, the amount of change i hold in there would make it bulky and lumpy. I also really like the look of the french wallet.
  5. I just posted in the other thread :P
    Keep the Viennois :yes:
  6. i love both wallets, but purely out of fear of damaging the Koala buckle, i might choose to keep the Viennois.
  7. seriously if u decide to drop the koala, could u PM me? :biggrin:
  8. Ditto!
  9. Definitely Keep The French Purse!!!
  10. french purse...! only cos i like it and i want one!
  11. I love the Viennois...the look of the Koala is nice but I think it'd be annoying to have to undo it every time you needed to get into it.

  12. The koala, but only because I love the 2nd one.
  13. Keep the Viennois!! I usually have a large amount of change as well, so I prefer the larger change section.
  14. Hard choice, I vote Viennois.
  15. French Purse! It's the most convenient wallet ever. Not too big, not too small, enough slots and comparments for the essentials. Plus, I kinda dislike the big clasp on the Koala.