If you can only have 5 bags from LV

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  1. Hi this is a hypothetical question. My friend, who collects rolex watches, asked me that if i can only buy 5 LV bags over a series of years to collect, which are the ones that I'll purchase (and it has to be within my financial means).

    I think I will probably pick all from the Damier Canvas, for my collection. Its the first pattern afterall, designed in 1888.

    And I will prob get one from each class in this range. And I'll try to pick the signature ones.

    1. Pochette Key Pouch
    Small and precious looking. And the most affordable. I can also hang it on the D-links. And less likely to spoil since it is more decorative, unlike a wallet.

    2. Small Ring Binder Organizer
    To pen down all my thoughts when I go travelling around the world. And then I will enlarge the pages when I'm old and frame them for a private exhibition.

    3. Speedy
    When it finally comes out. It is simple and elegant, yet roomy and casual since it is so soft and slouchy. It will be great for shopping. And it is afterall the sister of the great Keepall, which is not available in this canvas.

    Contender A: Papillon. Sporty-looking.

    4. Venice.
    Sleek-looking. Looks like a brief case yet looks like a shopping bag. Goes well with business suits. And v handy.

    Contender A: Alma. More professional looking. Able to carry it till 80s for work. V classic.

    Contender B: Altona PM. A masculine lady's briefcase. Good for presentations, and to show the guys I can wear the pants too.

    5. Ribera GM
    For travelling in style of course. Has this old world charm. Would have preferred Keepall but since I'm choosing Damier, this is the best alternative.

    Contender A: Damier Geant Attaquant. The bag created for the 2004 Euro cup. Technically, it is an extension of the Damier line so still accceptable.

    What are your choices?
  2. I have the exact taste like me. I like everything in Damier Canvas too. My choices would be:

    Batignolles (special order in Damier)

    Damier Speedy

    Damier Huat Popincourt

    Damier Musette Salsa - Long


    There's so much more that I want, but little money to spend, hehehe.
  3. 1. Speedy 30

    2. Keepall 55 with shoulder strap (pic is of the 60)

    3. Coffret Trésor 20. More preferably one of the larger vintage trunks.

    4. Leather Patchwork Bag

    5.Globe Shopper Cabas MM
  4. 1) Porte Monnaie Billets Viennois
    2) Le Fabuleux

    3) Pont-Neuf

    4) Josephine PM

    5) Batignolles Vertical

    Wow.. so far I'm 0/5.
  5. The keepall is a classic. But at that size, isn't it more suitable for a guy? And can you carry such a big bag onto the plane? And although the strap is nice, its a modification of the original, so not such a keeper? Besides can you sling the bag across (I always find it a bit too short)?

    Has anyone ever seen it in damier (?special order)?
  6. This was fun!

    Attached Files:

  7. The keepall is a unisex bag so either male or female can carry it.

    The keepall 55 is the largest you can carry on the plane.

    I think the Keepall with the strap is a classic and a keeper regardless of the strap. The strap makes it much more convenient than without.

    I don't know that I'd want to sling the bag across my body either.
  8. Suhali L'Aimable
    Suhali Compact Zippe
    Vernis Lexington
    Epi Noe
    Epi Speedy
  9. Epi Speedy 30 in Mandarin:

    Daimer Alma:

    Batignolles Horizontal:

    Suhali L'Fableaux:

    MC Porte tresor international:

    That was fun - and difficult.
  10. Monogram Speedy 25 (a classic, of course)
    Damier Papillon 26
    Suhali L'Fableaux in blue or white
    Monogram Cabas Piano
    Epi Speedy 30 in mandarin
  11. Suhali L'Fableaux in black
    Epi Noe in Mandarin
    Monogram Cabas Alto
    Cherry Blossom Papilion 30
    Cerises Speedy 25
  12. I almost bought this first bag this past weekend:
    -Batignolles Vertical
    -Leather Patchwork
    -L'Épanoui GM
    -Nice Beauty Case
  13. Hmmm...in no particular order (too hard to come up with just 5 already!):

    Vernis Bedford
    MC Papillon 30
    Epi Soufflet (I think that's how it's spelled) in red
    MC Cabas Piano/Cabas Mezzo
    MC Alma
  14. Do I get to keep what I already have?

    Here's my list:
    Damier Speedy
    Cabas Piano (either mono or SO in Damier), Cabas Mary Kate (mini mono)
    Abbesses or Bastille
    And my current LUST item, Damier Koala Wallet
  15. speedy.jpg sonatine.jpg trouville.jpg wallet.jpg

    epi speedy 25 in black, sonatine, trouville, epi koala wallet in black and a keepall 45 - which i couldn't get a pic of