If you can only have 3 bags and no price limit, what would you choose?

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    Hi ladies, out of curiosity.
    If you can only have 3 bags and no price limit, what would you choose and why?

    It's such a tough choice, after some careful thought, my picks are
    Speedy 30
    Capucines BB
    Alma Pm

    what are yours?
  2. St Germain MM - shoulder flap bag for everyday somewhat dressy but can be used casually too.

    Neverfull MM - casual easy tote for everyday and travel

    Eva - can be carried for evening with chain and with crossbody strap for days in the city, etc.
  3. If I could only have three bags... They would have to cover all my needs. So I would pick a backpack, a tote, and a lightweight business bag. I restricted my choices to what is currently available at Louis Vuitton.

    It turns out the Christopher backpack in mono Macassar is my most-used bag. So I would not say "no" to its fancy cousin in alligator.
  4. SC PM - I find this to be the perfect daily bag for me. I love the size, the style, the carrying options and the fact it is elegant and very understated.
    Epi Alma PM - Alma is my favorite LV bag style, and I love Epi leather. This bag is so classic, versatile and understated. It's ladylike and chic.
    Alma BB - This bag is my favorite small bag. The size and style work so well for me. I love it in every material, though Epi is my preference.
  5. Going to have to leave my Speedy 35 off the list unfortunately but here goes!

    Capuchines BB - Matte Black Croc GHW (formal/dressed up bag)

    Neverfull GM - DE ('throw it in the bag' kind of tote, good to travel, very informal)

    Pochette Métis - (more versatile esp. with shoulder strap)
  6. Totally PM in damier Ebene because it's my favourite print, I love the outside pockets and because it's currently on my wishlist.

    Eva in DE because I currently own it and love it's versatility.

    Speedy B 25 DE for just an easy throw everything I need and go and not have to worry bag. Also currently on my wishlist.

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  7. This is a tough choice.
    Totally MM in the DE print.
    Alma PM Epi.
    Noe in Azur.
  8. Speedy b 35 DE

    Favorite DE/mono

  9. Omg so hard to decide but I think I would go for soft lockit, speedy 25, and alma for me!
  10. Metis Hobo for everyday. It has two straps (one short, one long) so it's versatile.

    Capucines PM in black/gold hardware or Galet/ gold hardware for dressier occasions. Both great neutrals. I would've jumped straight for a croc version but I realise I prefer croc (specifically shiny croc) on other bags like the Birkin or Kelly, or Delvaux's Tempete line, or the Lady Dior. My other option was an Haute Maroquinerie Milaris in croc but even the smaller size seems too bulky for evening.

    Bosphore Backpack for travel and for days when I need my laptop.
  11. Here are the bags I would choose out of my own collection. If I could add something I might stick with these but I would be tempted by some of the trunk style bags and a few things that I don't look at based on price!

    Palm Springs PM backpack
    Caissa hobo in DE and rose ballerine
    Green Kusama speedy
  12. Neverfull Mono MM with RB
    Speedy 25 DE Bando
    Delightful PM DA
  13. It's free to dream, right? I'd choose an Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly & a Chanel flap. Classic & timeless.
  14. My three bags are:
    1) Kimono in Noir - I think this would be a good travel bag.
    2) Pont-neuff MM in Noir - I would use this as an every day bag.
    3) Saint Germaine MM, the studded one with silver hardware - This would be my evening bag, not that I go anywhere at night...but if I did, this would be the bag I'd grab. :sunnies
  15. I would go with the DE Neverfull, mono classic speedy and the Palm spring back pack however I do prefer the montsouris pack but that's discontinued.
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