If you can only have 1 exotic Hermes bag

  1. Just chatted with my SA earlier, rouge vif is avail in croc and there is one coming to my store in K28 ghw... :nuts: just need to win the lottery to bring it home lol
  2. Omg in which country?
    I will kill to have the bag
  3. I'm in Canada :smile: Since it's available thru PO here, then it should be available worldwide in all H store?
  4. Either Himalayan or matte black croc in B25 or B30!
  5. Shinny SO Birkin if possible.
  6. Shiny croc or gator (don't care as long as it's shiny lol) Bleu Izmir Birkin with gold hardware, size 30 or 25
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  7. Shiny K pochette in a strong colour (preferably pink such as Rose shocking, tyrian etc).
  8. + 1 :love::love::love:

    I may or may not add diamonds to it (in my wildest dreams :girlsigh:)
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  9. Either a shiny red Kelly in alligator or a pink ostrich Birkin. red kelly.png pink ostrich.jpg