If you can only have 1 exotic Hermes bag

  1. What color size and type would you choose
    Matte / shiny? ☹️
  2. If I can only have one exotic, it would be either Rouge vif shining croc ghw K28 or Blue electrique shining croc ghw B30
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  3. It would be a matte KP but no idea what color
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  4. Matte black croc B30 phw
  5. If they would make it for me, I would get a shiny Bordeaux Constance with diamond hardware.
  6. Couldnt agree more ! But isnt rouge vif discontinued ?
    Im actually eyeing on a brand new piece
  7. Impossible to find though, i was offered b35 matte porosus phw in amsterdam, had to pass due to size :sad:
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  8. My SA said she might able to get rouge vif croc in B or K if I'm interested to get red exotic in future. And she does have BE B35 shiny croc GHW on PO.
  9. Matte noir croc 30 not impossible at all, request it. It's probably my dream B but I'm not doing that yet....if I ever go croc I will wait for SO
  10. How generous !
    I think its worth the shot , good luck scoring those pretty babies
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  11. If only 1 exotic, I wish I can do special order croc
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  12. B25 Croc Himalayan
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  13. Total Fantasy: B35 Matte Gator Rose Indienne with brushed rose gold hardware ( I will call her "Miss So Pink" )
  14. Rouge vif is available in ostrich
  15. It is ! But im not a big fan of ostrich
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