if you can only buy 1 reissue, which will be the one??

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reissue colors?? which one?

  1. black metallic

  2. dark silver metallic

  3. light silver metallic

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  1. there will be 3 reissue this fall. if can only just pick 1, which will be the best buy? pls help me choose..
    black metallic, light silver, dark silver. size at this time, does not matter... thx you soo much!!!:graucho:
  2. I voted for the black metallic, of course I'd have to see them all IRL, but I think the black will be the nicest.....for me anyway!!!!!
  3. i voted black metallic because if it's your FIRST reissue, you'd want to make it the most versatile color ever. i would also vote for the dark silver because i have it in the 225 size, the bag is super lovely. And it would be a lovely SOPHOMORE reissue to own! :graucho:
  4. ONE OF EACH! hehe!
  5. I had the exact same dilemma and I chose black cos I think it's the most versatile and timeless. Plus it's my first Chanel anything too!!
  6. can you post pics of the silver and gold before i vote?