If You Can Lobby Hermes for Something ...

  1. What woud you lobby for? Here's what I would lobby for, aside from the obvious "give me all my bags":lol:

    - make baby rose and beige rose in ostrich!!!
    - offer more variety of pink tones in all leathers:biggrin:
    - make Rose Ikebana in EDP
    - more variety of fuchsia vibrato!!!
    - fuchsia in ALL leathers as opposed to only epsom, ostrich, and croc

    Those are the first five that I can think of. I'm sure you ladies will have more.:yes:
  2. Ipod holder.
  3. i wonder who is a fan of the colour pink???
  4. LOL! I wonder who myself.:biggrin: :roflmfao:
  5. I can't help it, me and my one-tracked-mind:lol:
  6. Oooh! That would be great!! I would love one in chevre or alligator! In fuchsia, of course.:yes:
  7. I've been begging for one, but they tell me the models change faster than they can produce these things.
  8. ok here are my posts
    -get decent colourscheme naming
    -stop this waitlist ******** and stop taking orders without a downpayment
    -get updated leather book
    -get at least a few showcase bags so customers can have a look at these and try the various sizes
    -stop you attitude and train your sa´s

    other then that i am fine
  9. Oh my goodness, that's exactly what they told me about cellphone holders! My old SA said that for a while there was such a demand for cellphone holders that Hermes actually produced them. However, since it is Hermes, they really take their time to perfect it so by the time these cellphone holders came out, the phones had gotten smaller. So they came out with a smaller size but yet again, the phone got even smaller. Finally on the third try, they went for another size down but this time, the size was too small for the phones because now the phones have cameras:roflmfao: . After that, they basically stopped producing the holders.
  10. That's true. I get so confused with the colors.

    The thing about taking orders with a down payment is an excellent idea. It's a good way to insure that the customer is serious about what they're buying. I know that some stores do down payments 25% to 50% but most stores don't.

    I second that!! A lot of the fabulous colors I've seen in real life are not in the book

    I think that would be super-helpful. I'm having the toughest time figuring out the sizes and paper cut-outs just don't cut it for me. Right now I still don't know which size Plume will work best for me. I thought 28cm would be good but for some reasons it looks big on me. I'd like to see how the next size down would look but I rarely see the smaller size.

    These are excellent points!:yes: I was too engrossed in my little pink world to think of these :P
  11. LOL can't agree more!

  12. Wow. So why would you want them to start making poeple pay a down payment before placing an order?
  13. ok i try to explain.
    well let us say a boutique has a limit of 10 bags per season for order. they do split these up between their clients. 5 of these orders are neglected that makes 5 "lost" bags for customers who are in love with the product know what they want are able to pay for it and maybe wait since years.
    of course that will only work if hermes get the up todate leather books and the "in store bags" to try the sizes.
    and i do think it is pretty normal that when you order you usually have to do a downpayment hermès is one of the few companys who don´t do so
    it can be kind of compared with ordering a car you pick the colour on that littleswatch but most likely when the car arrives you can´t say "nah i don´t take it cause i imagined the colour to be different on the whole car" when you order you have to stick with it just my 2 cents of course
  14. Amen to that!
  15. ^^ Yup!!!