If you can have only one Birkin, what color would you choose?

If you can only have ONE Birkin, what color would you choose?

  • Black

  • Red

  • Purple

  • Fushia

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H & LV Mommy
Oct 29, 2005
i'm a soon-to-be owner-of-a-birkin :drool: , a black birkin with GH had arrived... but i'm still thinkn if i've chosen the right color... :confused1:
i'm sure togo leather is the leather that i should go for, since i'm clumsy, and togo seems to be more scratch resistant (as i've read from you hermes experts)... :wlae:
the size i'm going for is 35cm since i have a lot of stuff to carry, and altho i'm petite i love the look of big bags...

black, red, fushia, purple?????? (i will stay away from whites, natural, gold...since i'm afraid i'll get them dirty...)

thanks in advance~~ :heart:
If I could only have one forever, and I had the choice of ANYTHING, it would be Beige-rose Porosus Croc.....but that doesn't help your question!

togo is FAB! Black is classic, especially with the gold h/w - you can't go wrong!!

One Birkin - I voted BLACK.
I didn't realize that gold would get dirty easily. I have not seen one in person but in pics it looks really rich and beautiful. I voted black based on the choices but for me right now I think my top choices would be chocolate and gold.
Kallie Girl, I had a gold togo Birkin and sold it....it did not look dirty. And, my gold togo Kelly doesn't look dirty. I feel with some amount of care, the gold togo ( it that's what you like ) is a great choice.