If you can have only one Birkin, what color would you choose?

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If you can only have ONE Birkin, what color would you choose?

  1. Black

  2. Red

  3. Purple

  4. Fushia

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i'm a soon-to-be owner-of-a-birkin :drool: , a black birkin with GH had arrived... but i'm still thinkn if i've chosen the right color... :confused1:
    i'm sure togo leather is the leather that i should go for, since i'm clumsy, and togo seems to be more scratch resistant (as i've read from you hermes experts)... :wlae:
    the size i'm going for is 35cm since i have a lot of stuff to carry, and altho i'm petite i love the look of big bags...

    black, red, fushia, purple?????? (i will stay away from whites, natural, gold...since i'm afraid i'll get them dirty...)

    thanks in advance~~ :heart:
  2. I'm the wrong one to ask!

  3. If I could only have one forever, and I had the choice of ANYTHING, it would be Beige-rose Porosus Croc.....but that doesn't help your question!

    togo is FAB! Black is classic, especially with the gold h/w - you can't go wrong!!

    One Birkin - I voted BLACK.
  4. Red - I'm biased b/c I just got one in red!
  6. I would go for red, if I were only given the above 4 choices. But if I could choose any other color, it would be brown.
  7. Black! Black with Gold is classic and goes with everything! (and this coming from a girl with a Gold Birkin......:rolleyes: )
  8. Black would be my choice on your on your poll
  9. Black with either G/H or P/H!!! I don't care!!! Just give me black Birkin!!!:yahoo:
  10. Black w/PH because black is a classic color, neutral and PH because it can match with diamonds, silver and pearls.
  11. FUSCHIA CROC BIRKIN WITH DIAMONDS for me:tender: ... Saw that one in one of japan's pre-owned shop and i tell you all, IT'S AWESOOOOME! :nuts:
  12. Now, you're making me changing my choice. Oh my!:drool:

  13. HAHAHA!!!!:wlae:
  14. I didn't realize that gold would get dirty easily. I have not seen one in person but in pics it looks really rich and beautiful. I voted black based on the choices but for me right now I think my top choices would be chocolate and gold.
  15. Kallie Girl, I had a gold togo Birkin and sold it....it did not look dirty. And, my gold togo Kelly doesn't look dirty. I feel with some amount of care, the gold togo ( it that's what you like ) is a great choice.