If you can get to an outlet!

  1. Girls if you can get to the nearest outlet , it maybe worth it. This is what I found today. Everything was just being put out.
  2. OMG!! Holy smokes...I'm flying my ass there tomorrow! Thanks for the pics and great haul!! :nuts:
  3. WOW!!! What an amazing haul!!!!! The Andrea's are at the outlets now??? I've been wanting a natural Andrea for a few months. Contrats on your beautiful goodies!!!:tup:
  4. *jealous*
  5. There are a couple outlets here in MD. I'm going to one tomorrow to see what I've been missing out on....apparently I missed alot
  6. Wow! What great finds! Is your outlet a leather or signature outlet? The closest one to me is 1 hour away & is a leather outlet!
  7. Wow, those are all gorgeous bags! Congrats!!
  8. WOW!!!:nuts:

    What outlet was that? I might have to hit the one closest to me tomorrow.
  9. The girl that was unpacking this stuff came out with her "list" of what's coming up. she said ergo in white , but she wasn't sure if it was patent or leather.
    I asked her about Legacy items and all she would say was check back in the next month.:yahoo:

    The SA was so SWEET! Everything I asked about she was writing down on a card for me and said she would call me if they got something in. What a sweetheart!:heart:
  10. OH how i WISH i had an outlet near me!!

    i am in LOVE with those pond pieces!!!!!!!!!!

    mind if I ask how much the shoulder pond and matching framed wallet were?

    GREAT haul!
  11. This store was mainly leather at one time because they claimed they were too close to actual Coach stores, but lately, OMG signature , legacy , oh there is patchwork there too. This one....

  12. You found ALL of that today? :nuts::wtf: Wow! I wish I was near an outlet. Love the Pond!
  13. This patchwork.

  14. Wow! That's an amazing haul! Congrats!
  15. what a haul!!!!