If you can find this for me...You're the BOMB!!

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  1. :tender: Ok...I still can't locate this so I need everyone's help...I can't seem to locate this multi pocket: black, white stitching, suede lining..the small size...Both elongreach,laria and of course, bag.lover..have been SO helpful...However I'm calling in the troops. I have already had Nordies do a search..They say it is no longer available...I am in the process of contacting an MJ associate..I'll see how that goes...And I've been hawking ebay & all the recommended web sites..I prefer new or oh-so gently used-....If you see one, or one CLOSE to this description...Would you let me know? I would be SO appreciative....Maybe I'll just have to psyche myself up for the black w/ gold hardware....We'll see! Thanx again!! :heart: Emmy
  2. I hope you are able to find your bag, however, if you haven't seen the black with gold hardware in person you should check it out before you buy the one with silver hardware. I am a silver person--I only wear silver jewelry and I don't like gold hardware AT ALL--but this season's black multipocket with pale gold hardware (it's almost a rose gold color, much lighter than the hardware on the other bags) is so gorgeous. The leather seems better, too. After seeing both versions of the bag side by side at Nordies (right before the Anniversary sale) I actually liked the gold version better. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

    Good luck finding your bag!
  3. Thanx valerieb..I don't have Nordies or Bloomies etc where I live..:crybaby: ...And I haven't seen them on any of the reputable websites...Are they sold out already? Do you have a picture of the black/gold?
  4. Emmy- I saw a small black Multipocket with silver hardware at Neiman Marcus yesterday. The NM store was at NorthPark mall in Dallas, TX.

    They also had a large black MP with silver hardware.

    Good luck!
  5. :yahoo: MMMintx..Hooray! I'll pm you w/ the details..hope it's the same one I want!! Thanx!! :heart: Emmy