If You Can Compare Your DH/DW/DF/DP/BF/GF/SO to Hermes Bags ...

  1. Which one will he/she be (style, leather, size) and why?
  2. at the moment my SO is like my birkin bags - not here yet but in the line to arrive

    but my exhusband was a black croc diamond birkin for sure. gorgous,elegant,sleek hard to get precious and expensive tastes.. but once you get it you can be assured of the envy of all the ladies around :graucho:
  3. I like that analogy! And since all your upcoming Birkins are fabulous, your SOs will be too!!!

    Oooh!! What size Birkin would your ex be?
  4. This is such an interesting question Kou!!!

    Ok, my husband would have to be a 35cm cocoan croc birkin (which is my ultimate dream bag) with palladium hardware! He is classic, dependable, fierce, gorgeous (if I don't say so myself), and he really is my dream man! He is all substance (a true mensch), no need for any extra bling! And if he ever saw this post, he would be so embarassed and then would want to kill me for even considering spending this much on a handbag!
  5. a size 45 he was huge and very very well defined (yes everywhere)
  6. I can't seem to find anything that would fit my SO ... I mean, which Hermes bag is petite (and a little thin), neat, and slightly dressy?
  7. don´t bother thinking about it. the things i know about your boyfriend are enough to know for sure there is no equvalent hermès bag.
    :supacool: sorry for that but seriously you deserve sooo much better i toldyou
  8. I would have to say my glorious 32cm Box HAC! Sleek, stylish, sophisticated, understated and easy on the eyes!!!!

    ...with a little edge going on.......
  9. Mine is definitely barenia. I think of him everytime I see that leather ... so durable LOL! No, seriously, it's also because he uses up his things to the last inch but he himself is in perfect condition ... just like barenia!
  10. Paris-Bombays!!!!
  11. maybe a black satin picotin?
  12. :yes: witha lavander twilly
  13. okay...this is weird...I'm thinking mine would be a black fjord birkin.....very rugged and "weatherproof", durable, dependable, tough, yet useful and strong, protective....and nice to the touch lol!! (okay now I'm blushing!)
  14. My ex would have been the Himalaya!!!!
  15. Mine would be a black box Kelly with gold hw and with a hippo lock. Gorgeous clean lines, very traditional and classic but with a touch of fun and whimsy. :love: