If you buy the bag without seeing it....

  1. and want SA to help you pick the best one. How do you describe the best quality bag? :shame:

    What is your requirement? No Veiny? No shine?

    I read somewhere that no two B-Bag are the same, each unique as its own. I want to order another First grey from Bal NY to compare with the one from NM. I wonder what kind of quanlity I should look for.

    Thank you, all.... :angel:
  2. i know this doesn't answer your question but there is a nice grey city on ebay now if you want the darker grey and the city size.
  3. luv, I bought my 2 bbags sight unseen with the help of SAs - one from Barneys and one from Aloha Rag. I'm very pleased with both purchases - and it's very true how different the leathers vary even from the same season! :yes:

    It depends on what leather you like...some of the members here LOVE the shiny, veiny leather and others like it less veiny/shiny. You can see different versions in the 'Documenting Balenciaga Leather Variations' thread. And check out Ranskimmie's thread about the changes in her 06 leather after giving it a good massage! :biggrin:

    Once you decide, spend some time on the phone with the SA describing exactly what leather and look you want. I've heard excellent things from members here about some of the SAs at BalNY (Joseph being one) and some NM SAs (do a search to find some names).

    good luck!!

    HTH :flowers:
  4. I bought my bag sight unseen from Joseph at Bal NY. I told him I wanted a bag with the least amount of marbling, and he was honest and told me that while all of the lighter colors do show some marbling, the one he picked out for me was the least distressed and most evenly textured bag he had in stock. I'm thrilled with the one he chose (City in Origan) and would trust him to choose for me again.
  5. hey ya!
    well, i bought both my b-bags without seeing them and plus, i wasnt that clued up on the (new leather) veins etc... but my twiggy came from BalNY and its totally yum and my black city came from Aloha Rag and thats beautiful too! i reckon the more you use ur b-bags the more softer they become and the waxy looks begins to fade! good luck!
  6. just make sure to tell them what you want- i dont think they will send you something other than what you want, bc i am sure they do not want a ton of returns coming in from unhappy buyers.
  7. Thank you very much everyone! I think I might call Joseph tomorrow! Anyone know Kim at Bal NY? She picked up my call today. :rolleyes:
  8. kim, sarah & daphne have all helped me & are all wonderful SA's :yes:
  9. kim helped me through my month of emailing back and forth and i got my magenta first from her. she is very sweet and was very patient through all my questions and called me to let me know it was on its way. i would recommend her =)
  10. joseph and liz both have helped me. both are very nice. i like joseph because he is totally honest. if you tell him what you want and ask him if the bag looks like what you want, he'll tell you the truth... and not what he thinks you want to hear. long ago, i was desperately looking for a rouge... BNY had it. i told him what i wanted and what i didn't want...and he honestly told me that i probably wouldn't like it. he didn't just try to make a sale. so now, i always ask for him.
  11. I believe balenciaga will be allowed to send out pics for the new season. My sa confirmed today.
  12. Do you mean send out pics of the whole F/W 06 bag collection or a pic of the individual bag of the person's purchase before they send it out?