If You Buy from Saks Question

  1. I have a Saks First card and am always being asked if I want yo upgrade to their Mastercard.

    If I buy something at Chanel & upgrade to the Mastercard which offers 10% off your first purchase would that apply to something from Chanel boutique at Saks?

  2. yes i believe so. i know the 10% cannot be used on LV. when i opened mine i used the 10% on chanel sunglasses.
  3. I don't know but had to ask! Which Saks? All the SAKS in Dallas I've bene to don't have any Chanel.
  4. I believe it can. I opened one in January and used it on a j12.
  5. we have one in our Saks in Phoenix, actually they just remodeled it and the space is right at the main entrance to the first floor! Practically the entire first floor is women's accessories now! YEAH!!!!! But we do not have a Chanel boutique here either so Saks or NM are the only place to buy chanel in Arizona!!!
  6. I've never been in a SAKS in TX that carries it. . . I'm hoping one is now and I just didn't get the memo! LOL!
  7. No there isn't but if buy from a Saks that does have a boutique and upgrade your card when buying a big ticket item I thought you might get the extra 10% off.
  8. Swanky--Saks in San Antonio has a nice Chanel dept
  9. Good Morning,

    The 10% is good for both in store purchases, (Off5'th is excluded) as well as online via our website and would apply towards your total purchase for the day and there are no restrictions by department. Our system will automatically tally this and you would then see the discount reflected on your first statement.

    Russel Karbley
    Sr. Coordinator, Saks Direct Customer Service
    Saks Fifth Avenue
    500 Hickory Drive
    Aberdeen, MD 21001
    T 410 297 4406
    F 410 297 5599
    Toll Free: 888 327 3313
  10. Thanks Russel - great news :tup:

    Now for a logistical question, How do I do this if I am ordering by phone from an SA who has found a Chanel item I want who is in another state. Can I upgrade my account by phone with her. Do we do this before she rings the item up?

    Also I just received my 2007 Award card. Can I also apply that to same transaction or wait & use that for another purchase?

    Thanks again.
  11. I just wanted to say read the fine print and ask questions before doing this. I found out that it was NOT that great a deal at all. When you use the card at Saks, the "Saks" part of the card is charged, not the MC. When you shop elsewhere, the "MC" side is used, but, the credit limit is one amount for both, so you still reduce your limit when you spend at either/or. Also, your interest rate stays at 21% or higher for the SAKS purchases; the MC would be lower I believe.

    It is not the best deal around. Be wise and investigate. I opened it, THEN asked, then closed it immediately. There was also NO 10% extra off, because my Saks limit was already used up (it was pretty low back then, lol).

    Hope that makes sense.
  12. I have this same card, but my credit limit is not the same. I have a higher credit limit on the MC part than I do on the Saks part. I have to admit that I"m not fond too fond of this card. I really only wanted the Saks card. I only opened it to get the 10% off, but don't want to close it now as it will hurt my credit rating. I'm really only planning to use this for Saks purchases anyway.
  13. I found out that since I already have a Saks card I would not get the 10% off anyway.

    That's only good if you open a totally new account.

    I was tempted though when I started thinking that 10% off plus my 2007 Saks first rebate that I got yesterday would be about the difference between a large & jumbo metallic reissue :smile:

    Oh well ... can't hurt a gal for trying ... :yahoo: