If you bought something that wasn't up to par with quality...

  1. would you return it? knowing that it's close to impossible to find the same thing again?

    i got a violette pochette cles for my birthday. i love it! i love the colour and the size. on one side it is perfect. but on the back, it's missing the embossing on the top part, its embossed on an ever so slight angle and its not as deep. what should i do?

    i know the next person would return it, but if i do, the chances of me getting another pochette cles is quite slim.

    Any advice?
  2. Many people have posted the same thing about theirs. I think some were just made that way.
  3. You should return it if it is not perfect. Then you can order it on the LV website. They have them online now.
  4. If your not happy with it, return it to the store before the return policy timeframe is over. But, have you tried contacting the local store or the LV 800 phone number to see if they can locate a perfect one for you?

    It would certainly bother me if the item was not "perfect". I think you will be able to locate another one if you call LV. Good luck!
  5. If it doesn't bother you in everyday use it's okay; but if you intend to resell it one day, then you should return it.
  6. i can't order online, they don't ship to canada.
    my other choice is to return it and get something else, or nothing at all (my bf will love that choice!)

    and today is the 14th day for the return.
  7. it would annoy the hell out of me if i knew it was imperfect, can you post pics so we cansee what you mean>?
  8. If it bothers you, return it. If you'd be more sad at the though of retuning it than keeping it flaws and all, I'd go ahead and keep it. It really depends on how much you love it.
  9. If it bugs you, return it. I checked all over and some are embossed at the top and some are not. I didn't see any that were consistent on both front/back in terms of the deepness of the embossing. I debated, too, but decided to get over it and keep mine!
  10. I would return it if it really bothered me. But if it didn't I would keep it.
  11. I would return it because it seems to really be bothering you (which is fine since it is not perfect). Many people here have said they are keeping theirs beacause it makes it unique, but it is all about personal preference KWIM? I know they were made both ways (by accident of course) so you should be able to find one.
  12. There are a couple of threads on this. Even if you did return it, would you get something else or try to get a "perfect" cles? According to what other people have written, the description of your cles pretty much matches all the other ones! Seems that the "defective" cles's might end up being the ones with the embossing at the top because not many people have those ones!
  13. ^^
    Agree....even my SA thinks the embossing at the top is defective. I think it's better plain because it matches the front top piece, kwim?
  14. After rereading your initial post, I think you should keep it. Mine is not embossed equally on both sides.......none that are left here in Vegas are either! LOL I guess it's just how it is. I think deep down you love it, but you're like me.......I was wondering if there was a "perfect" one out there and there's probably not. I looked at about 10 here.
  15. I think there is just a wide variation in these. There's a whole thread about it, of people posting what theirs look like. Mine has the embossing at the top, but has deeper embossing on the front than on the back. I'm just not that worried about it. It sounds to me like the ones without the embossing look fine, too - and I'm not sure we really know which way is the "right" way! I think their quality control with this item isn't quite up to LV standards, or else they changed the design between production runs, but it's hard to know what was originally intended. I think you just have to do what will make you happy - if it's going to bug you, return it. But otherwise, I really don't think it makes much difference.