If you bought a Mirage are you keeping your classic mono speedy

  1. I just bought the mirage and I was thinking about selling my mono. I figured why have two right...the I was having second thoughts. My mono was my first LV and I ahve taken it all over the country with me. For sentamental reasons I may not be able to part with it. Is it crazy to have two bags that are so similar? I also thought that this could have to help offset the cost of my new bag.
  2. Well, for me.... they are really two different bags.
    A generic Speedy couldn't compare to a limited edition Mirage Speedy, although they are similar in size and dimension...eveything else about the Mirage is more beautiful to me...

    I have a Speedy 40, and I don't plan on selling it...but if you find that you won't have a need for your mono speedy once you have a Mirage, then by all means, sell it.
  3. I will keep both..they really are 2 different things for me as well!
  4. NOTHING would ever make me get rid of my speedy. really think about it the mono speedy is alllll year mirage isnt really...its too dark. (in either color) to be worn all year
  5. Oh I think the Noir Mirage can be year round~!!! I live in year round summer and though I will not carry it allll the time I will on occasion when I wear black.
  6. Im keeping both! I dont really think my mirage noir will work in the hight of an Australian summer... and I love my speedy too much to ever give it up!
  7. i'm keeping both. my mono speedy is a 25 so i feel like it'll now be more like a quick errands kind of bag.
  8. I'm keeping both. They're two different bags....totally different look.
  9. i was considering the same thing actually...i have 2 damier speedy (one azur). The only reason i'm not selling one of them is because its not a monogram, otherwise i think i would sell it.
  10. Keeping both :p. Aside from the shape they look so different to me. I love both & can't live without either.

    1) Different colored canvases plus degrade & bi-color effect on the mirage.
    2) Mirage has bigger, bolder, more orangey gold hardware.
    3) Layered leather near the handles and colored patent leather details on the Mirage vs. regular vachetta on classic mono Speedy.

    Prolly biased, too, since the Mirage is the 4th speedy I've bought in a year and I don't see myself stopping...
  11. I'm going to keep mine. I thought about selling it as well but I just can't. It's a great practical everyday bag.
  12. I'ld sell it! I cant comprehend keeping 2 speedies of the same shape, size and pattern despite the mirage's black handles:wtf:
  13. I will never sell my regular speedy 30! Well until the leather gets too dark that is, but then I will buy a new one!