If you are undecided about GH read this...

  1. I received my GH black city today and I absolutely adore it! :love: Now I understand all the posts about falling in love with a bag. This bag is IT for me. I love it! Following are some differences I have noticed between the GH and regular hardware city bags. 1) Front pocket is much larger on the GH style and the zipper has a very solid feel to it. This larger front pocket if really a plus, at least for me. 2) Handles are not longer but are spaced wider apart than on the regular hardware bags, making the bag slightly easier to wear on your shoulder. (Did that last sentence make sense?) 3) The handles have double whip stiching, compared with single on the regular hardware bags. 4) Leather is thick, smooshy and just incredible! Hope this is true with all 07 bags!

    So if any of you are on the fence, I say go for it! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like the GH! :yes:

    I'm not planning to post pics because I know there is another thread w/a gorgeous black city w/GH. In fact, that thread is the reason I have my bag today! :yes:
  2. Nooo! Post pics anyway!! :yes:

    and CONGRATS!
  3. Thanks for informing us about the differences across the regular and giant hardware bags.
  4. Congrats!!!:yahoo: I am so happy for you. Be sure to post some pics of your new black city.:yes:
  5. More pics, more pics!!
  6. Thanks for the review!!! I think I really like the Marine with GH now... ;) Please post lots of pics!
  7. :yahoo: Congratulations Powder:yahoo:

    Please share your photos. GH hardware is growing on me. I want to see more!
  8. can u post comparison pics? :yes:
  9. I will post comparison pics w/one of my regular hardware cities later today. Great idea!
  10. i would like to see pictures.
  11. Somebody requested comparison pics so here you go! I don't have a black regular hardware city so I photographed my new black with my 05 rouge theatre. Don't they look happy together? :yes:
  12. 0o0o0o0o looks SO cute! hehehehe!!! yup GH is totally growing on me! thanks for posting up pics!
  13. I can def. see what you are talking about with the handle spacing. Your GH is beautiful.
  14. I adore your new city!!!
    I also bought a black GH but in day
    The gold looks so good with black congrats
  15. WOW I think your new black city is gorgeous!!