If you are thinking about the BH

  1. I recently bought both the Regular Batignolles and the Horizontal. I could not decide between the 2 so I bought both.
    Originally the straps on the BH seemed really short. I have long arms and it was just not comfortable. But the SA told me they would lengthen. I was semi-obsessed with the bag so I bought even though it did not sit right.

    A few weeks ago, I took the BH out of the box to give it some air. I placed some soda cans and bottle of juice in it and left it hanging from a chair. Worked like a charm. The straps are now longer and it fits comfortable on both shoulders.
  2. gald it worked out! Vachetta gets softer w/warmth too in case u think it's too stiff :flowers:
  3. Very cool. Thanks for the tip...just incase :graucho: I should ever get one!
  4. great tip, thanks!
  5. Gr8 idea.
  6. Great idea! Thanks! I should try that with my Cabas Piano.
  7. Hi!!!!! By how much did the straps extend?
  8. Great tip for lengthening straps, thanks!
  9. Awesome tip.
  10. Good tip, thanks! I have mine on the way, but I don't think I'll have that problem as I'm real short, lol.
  11. Ingenious!