If you are still looking for a paddy...

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  1. I was just at Nordstroms Park Meadows, Denver, Co. and they had more Chloe than you can shake a stick at.

    They had the following bags in stock:

    Whiskey Paddington $1480
    Grenat Paddington $1480
    Cream Paddington (my personal favorite) $1480

    Tan Silverado (gorgeous bag) $1200
    Blueish Silverado $1200
    Large black python and leather Silverado (don't know price, won't touch snake)
    Super size balck Silverado :P (not my cup-o-tea, didn't check price - was sitting next to the snake)

    The Paddingtons were in perfect condition no scrapes or scuffs on the locks.

    Store Info:

    Nordstrom Park Meadows (#34)
    8465 Park Meadows Center Drive
    Littleton, CO 80124
    (303) 799-3400

    If you still want one and are on a wait list - you could have your Paddy as soon as Tuesday (next day air shipping on Monday). :biggrin:
  2. Hey fellow CO resident! I'm in Monument. Any good sales at Nordstroms? Have you been to Cherry Creek lately?
  3. Well hello. :biggrin:

    Nordstrom has good sales on sweaters, outerwear, etc. right now.

    I was at Cherry Creek briefly today as well; Neiman's had the same UGG purses on sale (have been on sale for weeks now), and some Pucci bags on sale; otherwise, slim pickings.

    I went to Cherry Creek specifically for LV accessories; but, the SA's attitude led me to forego LV entirely (was not utterly impressed with the Damier in person anyway) and go to Neiman's for a new Prada wallet and makeup bag instead. The SA there was very nice and showed me every wallet she had in stock 2 x's over. Two big thumbs up to Neiman's service today.

    How long have you been on the boards?
  4. Not long. I think this will be my 3rd post. :smile: However, been lurking around for about a month - found the site while obsessing over the Paddington. (Got the whiskey for Christmas from my husband!!)

    I just got a Mulberry I ordered from Sak's this week and am thinking of returing it...or at least taking a trip up to Cherry Creek to see if I find anything else!!
  5. By the way, I love that NM and congrats on the new purchases!
  6. If you don't love it then you should exchange it. Just be sure to post pics somewhere so we can all oggle one way or another. :P

    Which Mulberry - was it a Roxy? Goodness, that bag is so heavy.

    So nice of your husband to hunt you down a Whiskey Paddy for Christmas.

    Oh, and yes, that Neiman's is pretty good - actually better than the Saks on customer service, IMHO.
  7. Yes, I am still debating it. It was the Roxy in Gunmetal. But, I think from a few season ago - so in Matt Glove leather, very soft, not as heavy. I just can't decide on the color...not sure how to post pictures. I will have to ask my husband. He is the computer guru in the house!

    He actually ordered my Paddy from Net-A-Porter - talk about amazing customer service. There was a small defect in the first Paddy they sent (can you imagine) and they were great in sending me a new one. They put one on reserve the minute we called and sent out the new one the same day they received the one with the defect.

    Do you go to the Off Saks at the Outlets much? I'm thinking of going there today, although I have not had much luck there in the past. Still, I'm an optomist...If you see any good sales in the Denver area, let me know!!
  8. Let me know how Off Saks goes. I have never walked out of there with so much as a belt.
    Now, I have had luck at Neiman Marcus last call outside of Denver for clothing and shoes.
    I did pick up a great Francesco Biasia purse once at Nordstrom Rack.

    I purchased my Anthracite Paddy from Net-a-porter.com and agree they have world class service; the best.
  9. Thanks for the info. Is it still worthwhile getting a paddy? Everyone is saying how much they love their paddy, which I can understand, but many others have commented that the paddy is becoming so common and going on for so long that it won't last beyond 2006. Is it still worth spending over a grand to buy it or to wait for something else. The only thing i love about it is the colour (the cream one!)rather than the lock! hmmm.....
  10. Muppy - the paddington is, IMHO, still a fantastic looking bag, and it truly is easy to get in and out of it and easy to carry.

    After seeing the whiskey, cream, grenat in person; and owning the anthracite, I can say that the cream paddy is truly stunning.

    Yesterday I got many compliments on my paddy and the consensus was that the anthracite was very classy, unique, and bold; not, trendy, flashy, or blingy.

    The leather on the cream paddy is thick and soft, the brass is matte, not polished...the paddington may be on a high-run right now; but, I do believe that it is worth it to add one to your collection. I do believe that it will continue to turn heads.