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  1. I just left Saks on Chevy Chase, MD and I put my name on the WL for the small denim cabas. They sold out of the first set, but the manager told me they are getting a bunch more in- sooner rather than later..
    Also there was a JUMBO CAVIAR FLAP IN BEIGE THAT WAS $1775.00, yes $1775. I had them double check the price, it is so much cheaper because of the color. I wanted to get it so bad, but I am waiting for my dream- THE RED JUMBO.. Give Shyhaim a call or Vincent.. good luck- you can not beat that price:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. did he have the medium flap in beige?
  3. It's gone :push: My luck has NOT been good today!!
  4. are u sure.. call back tomorrow am- the store closes at 7pm
    that was too fast
  5. wow...good price...!! the beige color is it the dark beige or the light beige?
  6. hmm i would say the darker maybe- if I had them 2 together I could tell you better. I really only thought there was one color
  7. Yeah, Shyaheim (sp?) said it sold 10 seconds before I called. They noticed the price and grabbed it.
  8. dang it . I a tried to post as fast as I could.. LOL
    That was a hell of a deal !!! I should have bought it myself..
  9. also forgot to post this
    Also at Saks…Chevy Chase
    White Jumbo flap with silver hardware
    Pink Medallion Tote
    Black Medallion Tote w/ Gold hardware
    Beige Medallion Tote- I forget what hardware
    Navy Patent Jumbo flap

    Sorry did not look at the prices
  10. Thanks for the post
    I love the navy patent jumbo!
  11. it was not a navy patent jumbo, it was actually the navy patent reissue in size 227. selling for $2375.00

    I called when I saw your post to confirm and indeed it was not a patent blue jumbo it was the reissue patent 227.