If you are looking for the Peony Tote

  1. I saw it in all three sizes at the the Coach store on Madison and 57th in NYC. If you are dying to have one just give them a call...
    they can ship it to you or to your local store. Its a cute bag but not for me...but I knew many of you were looking for it so HERE IT IS!
  2. Does anyone know if JAX counts store inventory into their numbers when they tell you how many of something is left in their system? For instance, if they say 5 Peony Totes-11388 are left, could there actually be many more floating around at different stores?
  3. does anyone know what the prices are for the smaller 2 totes? Thanks!
  4. I believe the JAX quotes are from the warehouse, so that wouldn't count what the stores have in the back room.
  5. $278
  6. small, 11387 $278
    med, 11388 $328

    (superstar, i bet your finger accidently hit "5" instead of "2")
  7. oops! Thanks!
  8. I don't mean to confuse things, but mine was shipped from this store and when I ordered mine last Friday, my SA told me that there were only 5 left when I placed my order. I guess I thought mine was being shipped from JAX, but then when it came the return address was Madison Ave. Either way, I love this tote. I got the medium.
  9. I found a better picture of one on eBay looks like 1,500 or 2,500.

    Seems like alot to me to get sold out so quickly.
  10. I wanted the peony tote sooooooooooo bad in medium but it appears that they are all sold out. If anyone hear of one showing up for sale please contact me because that is the one thing my daughter wants for Christmas. Thanks LB
  11. I was in the store at Columbus & 59th today and the SA helping me thought they would be getting this bag in over the next couple of weeks. She said they would "definitely" be getting them, she just didn't know when, but expected it would be in the next couple of weeks. :shrugs:
  12. you were there today?? i work there!!
  13. So is this true? I've been told it is SOLD OUT! That they are all gone none left.
  14. THANKS. I have looked and called everywhere forthis bag and I called the store you mentioned and they did not have any idea when of if they would receive this bag. I really want to locate this bag. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks again. LB