If you are looking for the Medallion Tote...

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  1. My SA called me Sep.4 afternoon saying she found one in the stock. From her description, I guess that is the medallion tote. Black caviar, with some charm-like thing hanging down. Price is 1995 bf tax.

    If it is not the Medallion tote, forgive me:p

    I haven't decided which Tote I am going to get, but I believe someone here need it more than I do. She said it was so hard to find one nowadays.So I put it on hold under my name(Joy) for 24 hrs.

    If interested, call Jackie@Saks orlando at 407-376-2047. Good luck!:smile:
  2. I thought the medallion totes were always available?! Anyone know? Maybe this was something else?
  3. ^ I thought so too. Also, isn't the medallion tote 1850? Or did it go up already?
  4. Yes, I am curious what bag it is indeed too after I saw the price for Medallion tote.

    Retail $1995 + Tote......any clue?
  5. The Medallion tote is currently retailed as $1895 so that can't be it.
  6. Yes, just found out she meant the blk baby cabas