If you are looking for a Silver Guccissima Wallet

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  1. I have the long one, it's cute!!! Hope a pfer got it!!! The small one is still there, someone grabb it . greatdeal!!!
  2. I can't beleive they have the Indy bag!
  3. I know!!! If this bag didnt hurt so much , it would be mine!!!! I hope someone here grabs it!!
  4. I grabbed the long one, it's TDF :drool:

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!:tup:
  6. YEAH!!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae::P :heart:
  7. how much were they for??? oh my gosshhhh..congrats!!!!!
  8. congrats beejerry, I purchased mine full price and still havent used it. It makes a great clutch, and both sides open front and back. All of my Gucci bags have gold hardwear though, now I need one with silver hardwear.
  9. Oh I wanted it like 3 months ago. I already got it in the original canvas =*(
  10. It's $316 plus discount!!! :love: I've been eyeing that for a while at the NM, and hoping it would go on sale... now if the silver Guccissima hobo would go on sale...
  11. wow! it's all gone now!
    Congrats Beejerry!!
    if only they had the platinum one :sad:
  12. omggggggg i was just looking to buy this last week!
  13. My SA told me that the silver collection won't be on sale until later this fall, probably November. But I want it NOW!