if you are in the US (esp LA or NY)

  1. Are you using any of your cambon's at all? In both these places evertything is out the same day its in. When I went back during the holidays not A SINGLE mass-recognizaboe bag was to be found, no bbags, nothing. I am going back home with a suitcase full of pricey bags that i may never use ....what is popular these days at home?
  2. NY is too diverse to classify "whats in". Im not sure about LA though.
  3. with the cambones- I never really would by- I thought it to be to fad'ish !!! my SA told me that Chanel was going to keep making them..
    but the fakes look just as good...
    to me the cambones are so out and I am the MD/DC/VA area
  4. I love the black cambon bags - I don't pay too much attention to whether they are "in" or "out".
  5. I'm using my black cambon bag now. I love it!
  6. sorry let me clarify
    i opted to buy the solid color cambone
    but the not the pinks- but pinks my favorite colr
  7. understated bags i could get away with like my bv ball, and the entire city will prolly think my two LV's (Manhattan PM and Denim mini pleaty) are fakes, and I don't care ... but i assume every one has a Muse so mine willl be thought of as fakes but i have 9 chanels of which i can carry 7 alll year round ... don't care what people think but i wanna be able to wear them without poeple going oh they are fakes ... and i have two Fendis I love one of course is the spy, should I even bother?
  8. I don't think the fake cambon's look real at all, not in person anyway. I use my cambon's more than I use any other Chanel bag I have right now.

    Almost every bag out there has been knocked off. But if you can recognize quality, then you can always spot the fake!:yes:
  9. I use my black cambon with white cc's a lot!-seems to go well with the clothing I wear and can be used a.m. or p.m., I am very happy I got it and so is my daughter with hers.
  10. somebody please tell me why we and the fashion 'experts' (sorry ladies, I hate Nina Garcia with a passion) are so in love with everything that paris, nicole and lindsey do? they are mere girls and who cares what they were but just because lindsey got photgraphed wearing black nail polish .... chanel sold out world wide??? What happened to people that don't need a team of people to get them to look like trash (J LO) ? What ever happened to real true beauty like elizabeth taylor when she was young and look at reese witherspoon now,or scarlett johanssen ... they don't seem to have an entourage around them just to get into puffy's next party.
  11. ^ i don't think that we are all in love with everything that paris, nicole, and the rest of that group do. personally, i feel like only a "younger" more teenybopper crowd follow their trends. not to say that they don't wear some things that i like, but i definitely don't use their fashion to guide mine!

    i'd rather look elegant and polished than like i was trying to copy the "hottest thing". that's why i personally love about chanel- it's so timeless and classic. besides, paris makes me :throwup:
  12. I have a black on black cambon tote & I love it. I am using my recent Chanel purchases more right now but I still plan on rotating in my Cambon tote. I too don't really care about what is IN or not IN. I like what I like and I think pretty much all Chanels are classics and timeless. I have yet to see a "good fake" - to me a fake is a fake.
  13. I live in Southen California and I see more Spy and Paddington bags than anything else. In fact, I was at Fashion Island on Friday for less than 30 minutes and in that time I saw 3 Paddingtons. While I think the leather on Chloe bags is so amazing to the touch, those bags are not for me. Something tells me I will be carrying my Chanel bags long after the Paddingtons have been cast a side.
  14. I agree with Gingerstar. Seems like the Paddingtons are all over (Fashion Island). The Chanels are classics.

    And as for the "stars" - Lindsey and Paris. They get everybag given to them for free so they can change everyday if they want to. That's what the designers want. Are we to think every season our clothes, shoes and bags are outdated and disposable! Again, back to the classics... Chanel.
  15. ok ok
    i stand corrected on my comments
    sorry to offend-
    lol- i mean that sincerly