If you are heading to Vegas...

  1. then I have some information on available Balenciaga bags. Unfortunately, my memory isn't the best and I did write down what I saw, but here is what I can remember.

    Talulah G is not currently carrying Balenciagas, but does anticipate carrying them beginning with the Spring 07 line (in about 1 month).

    Neiman Marcus had a large selection of bags and here are some of the ones I remembered:

    A Grenat bag in what appeared to be a part-time style

    Two Emerald bags that were quite veiny, but I can’t remember the styles
    Several black bags including a city, but the leather felt a bit dry
    New 07 white cities and firsts (regular) hardware with nice leather
    Vert Gazon first with great thick leather. They also had a city that had more of a veiny look.
    They had two 06 Carmels with nice leather – At least one was a city
    There was one Vermillion (the red was nicer in person than I had anticipated) in a day.
    I think that there was also a few Truffles, but I don’t recall the styles
    There was at least one linen First. I saw one with Vert Gazon leather.

    There were several bags with the GH, including Marine, Vert Gazon, Natural, Café, Black, and White.

    There were several accessories, but I ran out of time to shop.
  2. Oh I'm going the end of March, hopefully all the colors will be out by then. Is this the NM in Fashion Show Mall?
  3. Yep. It is the NM at the Fashion Show Mall. I hadn't been there before and I was surprised by the number of bags and different selection they had available. I'm guessing that they had even more bags in the back, but I didn't ask the SA to bring any out since I wasn't going to buy anything.