If you are ever looking for a Chanel Saks SA....

  1. I finally found a NICE one. Melissa in the Boca store is so warm, personable, and friendly. Funny thing is she's from where I just moved to and still gets her hair cut from the same person I use (LOL!!). She was so helpful yesterday and looked in the system for a bag for me (something that's nearly impossible to get the NYC girls to do). She not only found it, she had it shipped the same day from the Beverly Hills store. She's actually tracking another bag down for me as we speak.

    I live in NY and I any Chanel bags from Saks are coming from her from now on!!! :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  2. What is her contact information?
  3. ohh what did you get?! :nuts:

    I will definitely keep her in mind next time I need anything. I know what you mean about most of the NYC Saks SA :rant:
  4. I ordered the khaki medium bowler, but I think I want the khaki flap - we'll see when it arrives!!
  5. ^ yay!! sounds gorgeous, can't wait till you get it!

  6. I KNOW exactly what you mean by those Saks SA's in NY..they are terrible. It was a complete nightmare dealing w/ them; just getting them to transfer me to a certain SA that I wanted was a ridiculously long process. One SA would tell me that He was out to lunch, another would say he stepped out, another would take a message for me, & then another would say he went home. Needless to say, I would call back the next day & I got a very rude SA that told me she had already given me his ext. the day before so why was I calling for him again!!!
    When I finally got a hold of him, he gave me his personal cell phone # so I can get a hold of him that way. I thought "Jackpot". Nope not even, not only did he NOT answer his cell phone, he never called me back either!!! When I finally got a hold of him to make sure he sent my bag, I winded up getting the wrong size!!!! It was a total nightmare!!! Yeah never again will I deal w/ NYC SA's. I don't get them. Don't they know they're losing out on commission??? I guess they don't need the money or something!!!:censor::rant::banned: