if you are Chinese tPFer from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan....

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  1. Dear tPFers,
    I am a Chanel lover and currently a graduate student and working on my research paper as part of the fulfillment for my degree. My topic is about Chinese consumers' attitudes toward luxury e-retailing, so far, I do not have enough data, I thought the PurseForum would be a great place for me to distribute my survey since all of you have experience buying luxury goods.
    ((The administrator,Vlad, already cleared my request.Thank you!! Vlad!But if moderators think I am posting at the wong place, please feel free to move this thread. I decided to post this thread here was because Chanel thread is the most viewed thread here...:biggrin:)

    If you are Chinese tPFer from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, please take 10 minutes to answer my questions!! really appreciate your help!!!THANK YOU!!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!


  2. done!
    good luck on your research paper!
  3. done .. GL!
  4. I'm good with this, good luck Emily!
  5. Thank you so much everyone!!
  6. dear all,
    so far, I still don't have enough participants, so please please do fill out the survey if you are Chinese from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong!!
    Thank you so much!!!
  7. Done!
  8. done!
  9. Thank you thank you~~~
    still need more~~~:sweatdrop:
  10. done. goodluck
  11. done!
  12. I tried to take it but it said it was closed.
  13. ^ Same.
  14. I'm a redhead so did not complete survey. I super hope you got tons of data from all the respondents.

    I live just outside Vancouver, Canada. (And, yes, I am super exhausted due to Olympics excitement. I don't even like sports and I was doing happy dances in yard with pug and screaming every other day.)

    May I please ask -
    What is up with Hun chinese?

    I met zillions of cordial, pleasant Chinese when I lived in San Francisco. Huns seem very different and I can't figure it out.

    A pm about this would be lovely.

    TIA and thanks so super much, pn
  15. btw -

    Ask Vlad if you can post this in irrelevant subforums, like celebrities and beauty bar.

    Those forums get TONS of active users daily.

    I just got off BBar and wanted to check in with General before I fall super tired onto my bed in 2 minutes.

    BEST of luck to you!!!