If you are a coffee lover...

  1. you MUST try Dunkin Donuts Latte Lite - NO fat at all. I have found my new favorite drink :P It's espresso, skim milk and two splenda (iced or hot ~ I :heart: the iced). Total coffee addict here lol - ;)
  2. Hm, I might give that a shot, but DD drinks always leave a weird aftertaste :Push:
  3. I know what you mean! But this doesn't surprisingly enough! And I am *very* picky, I am not a DD frequenter, but now I will be! Not cheap at $3 though but I swear it's just as good as the starbucks latte.
  4. :sad:...No Dunkin donuts where I live!...plus knowing me, the calories I save buying the lo-cal coffee with go toward a dozen donuts to go!:shame:
  5. When I do go I usually get full fat as my treat, but per your reference I will try it!
  6. thats what I make here at home, plus I foam my milk and add a dash of sugar free white chocolate flavored syrup in stead of the additional splenda and a dash of cinammon on top. it totals out to 50 calories, lots of caffeine and 0 sugar. better than any coffee shop! lol
  7. What's a splenda?
  8. Splenda is a zero calorie sweetener....from the splenda.com website:

    SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener contains sucralose (SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener), the no calorie sweetener made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar, with no unpleasant aftertaste. SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener can be used virtually anywhere sugar is used. It can also be used in cooking and baking in a variety of recipes. Like many no and low calorie sweeteners, each serving of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener contains a very small amount of common food ingredients, e.g., dextrose and/or maltodextrin, for volume. Because the amount of these ingredients is so small, SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener still has an insignificant calorie value per serving and meets FDA's standards for "no calorie" sweeteners.

    SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener comes in two forms for consumers, granular and packet. The granular form of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener measures and pours just like sugar. SPLENDA® Packets provide a convenient way to add sweetness without guilt!
  9. I love splenda. It's the closest thing to sugar, best tasting too.
  10. Personally I don't like splenda - gives me headaches. I usually get a skim latte at starbucks and just put a little cinnamon or nutmeg powder for flavor. At first I missed the added sugar but got used to it without. Regular coffee I still need sweetened though.
  11. Sugar in coffee? BLASPHEMY!!! :nuts:

    Thanks for the clarification Carrie ;)
  12. Right, everyone's different. I get terrible headaches from sweet n'low.
  13. I think I'll stick to my cup of Joe!
  14. I love coffee, but not lattes or cappuccinos. I will have a nice expresso, though with real cream and real sugar! All that fake stuff causes cancer and I'll just cut my calories elsewhere.
  15. I don't like sugar in my coffee or tea, so I'm alright there :biggrin:
    But if I wanted any, I'd take real sugar because I have heard many bad things about sweeteners (Canderel, etc). I wouldn't drink so much of the sweetened stuff that it would matter, calorie wise.
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