if you already have red & black balenciaga... should you get white or yellow?

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  1. if you already have red & black balenciaga... should you get white or yellow? OR... any other color recommendations please? its for the CITY size. Also.... WHY please.... I would like the next color to also be versatile, yet stylish. and something I can carry year round. do they even make yellow ones anymore?
  2. There are no yellows in the current line, unless you count the butterscotch which looks more like camel to me. I would go with white now and then add a yellow bag in the future when they come out with a fabulous new shade.
  3. Red and Black are such neutral colours that white seems redundant. If you really like the more neutral colours, how about the new Light Caramel, it's stunning! If it were me, I would choose a brighter colour to add pop! The pictures surfacing of the Blue India would be gorgeous in a City, a kind of turquoisy,bluey,greyy : ) Even though the Blueberry is a bit darker, it still has a lot of zing! You could also hold out and wait for a Cornflower/ Emerald/ Rouille on eBay!

    I wish you well,

  4. I love the camel color!!! Have you seen it?
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