if you already have a mono speedy, would you get a speedy in Damier or Damier Azur?

  1. if you already have a mono speedy, would you get a speedy in Damier or Damier Azur?

    and why please.

    which one looks better and goes better w/ outfits and more versatile?
  2. IMO, I'd go for the Damier. Very durable and I've heard with the Azur, there are some color transfer issues.
    Hope this helps! :smile::smile:
  3. Hmm, I'd go for Azur! It's true that regular Damier is more durable, but I prefer Azur over Damier. I'd just pick what you like best though :flowers:
  4. I'd get the azur for more contrast. You know, that and because it's absolutely gorgeous?
  5. Honestly I wouldnt because I like a variety of bags. I only buy the LE Speedy's. So if I wanted an Azur bag (which I do) then I will wait for a style that I like like the new Hampstead or for Damier, then the Trevi.

    If you live in a warm climate like Miami or LA then Azur might work better for you. I love both though.
  6. I won't be any help but I have all three and love them! Though if I were to choose only one between Damier or Damier Azur, it'd be Azur without a doubt! :yes:
  7. get the azur... lovely bag and different colors.
  8. Azur is pretty but I would go for Damier.
  9. I have the mono, azur, damier, and blue epi speedy. I love my mono just because its a classic piece. The damier and epi are my rainy day bags (no vachetta) and the azur just because I love it.
  10. The second speedy I bought after the monogram was the azur - I just thought it was very different as a look ! I'm probably going to go back and get the damier as well, just because it's a bag where I don't have to baby it at all ! :yes:
  11. I have 4 speedy bags and love them all. They each have a different look! I'd go for the azur.....it's fresh and updated for spring and summer.
  12. for sure! they're completely different, IMO.
  13. yes,
    i need one of each, so no one feels neglected or unloved.
  14. I would get the Azur to use in the spring and summer and because it has different coloring than the mono and damier.
  15. i'd get the azur speedy. i know it's not as practical as the damier, since light colors stain w/ ease, but the mono is predominately brown and the damier too, so i'd get something completely different such as the azur.