If you add it all up.........

  1. If you add it all up how much do you think your entire Chanel collection is worth in US $?

    Since 2004 I think I have spent about 14000 USD, wow that figure scares me abit! better get back on the ban quick!
  2. My classic flap was $2000 (a bit more now considering the exchange rate) when I bought it in 06, so that`s it for me.
  3. $2,500 and thats accessories alone!! it will be more as I am about to buy some shoes.
  4. I actually keep a inventory.

    All of the stuff I bought totals about $18,000. OMG. That scares me. That is pre-tax and pre Nov 1st increase prices! Now, the number would be closer to $19,000 if I had bought some of those things after the increase. And that was only since this June of '07. errr.....
  5. I don't even want to think about it.
  6. ^Me either! I have found it is harder to sell them than buy them (too much potential fraud and you never get what you paid even to an honest buyer) so from now on it is well thought out purchases only.
  7. ^Mhmm.. I don't buy anything that I don't absolutely love. If I have to think about it and try it on a million times to see if I *like* it, I just let it go.

    For instance, I liked the satin melrose cabas in navy, but I wasn't in LOVE with the hardware so I didn't buy it. I don't buy something that I have to convince myself I'll wear or that I'll like. I don't plan on reselling any of my bags unless I was absolutely THAT strapped for cash. The only way I think I'd make a profit or sell at cost is if I sold one of my jumbos. Especially with the price increases.. I bought my patent jumbo for under 2k, and now it's selling for $2,395. I'm not the type to resell on eBay though. I hear too many horror stories.
  8. Dont wanna think about it. lol
  9. Not *too* much relatively speaking...about $5k buuuuuuuuuuuuut that's all in the last 3 months. OY.

    AND only Chanel...Double OY
    I'm going back to my happy place-it's called Denial!
  10. I only have a Chanel grey reissue for $2000, but that number will definately increase very soon!
  11. close to $20K. :shame::shame::shame: I'm so depressed....

  12. Right now for handbags only, I'm at around $8000. Could be worse. lol
  13. just got my first chanel last month... which was 2100... and i know there will be more to come!!!!! lolx...
  14. If u didn't set up this thread, i didn't know how much i've spent my chanel collection for this yr (from May-Nov), total in USD is $8730

    OMG! I realised i'm really broke.....i can even buy one birkin JPG...sigh!!
  15. I just brought a reissue 226 this year. so, around US$2,500