If Yao Ming were my daddy...

  1. I would be at least 6'0 tall. I'd be a beast of a woman, but at least I'd look fabulous in this dress by Twinkle.


    Being a staggering 5'0 on a good day, there is no way in hell I would look remotely good in this dress. What do you think??
  2. its gorgeous. maybee my 5'8" height would do the trick !
  3. Yeah i think 5'*" or 5'9" would work...maybe you could have it turned into a shorter (knee-length ish) dress? i think that would look nice.
  4. So pretty.
  5. lmao at the thread title! Cute dress, but I also feel like I'm way too short to pull off something like that
  6. It's a beautiful dress, but definitely made for the slender and extremely tall.