If ya love Spring Street...

  1. I saw that and decided to let it go. It's really pricey for a smaller bag and I want to have no doubts at all when I get it.
  2. Good for you! I just let the Lavendar Bedford go too! I didn't think this one was as pricey as the one you were looking at, but still $450, right, wasn't the other one more? Or, both the same bag? it's all running together at this point...(giggle)
  3. :wtf: Yeah, I checked the sellers and this one was a different bag and less expensive, still freaking gorgeous.... But, with all my framboise, I just can't do fuschia, that is too much for even me...
  4. I love both framboise and fuschia. Such a shame I don't have anything of either. I will soon hopefully.
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