If *$$* Was No Object, What Would You Custom Order?

  1. :supacool: :idea: Let your imagination run wild... car seats for your new Italian sports car? Baby stroller - to be the envy of the mommies? Or perhaps a pet bed for the pampered poochy or kitty?

    Would you want this item in Epi, Mono, MC, Suhali, etc.?...

    Have fun and dream HUGE!:nuts:
  2. :smile: Hello?:smile:
  3. I would LOVE to have my car seats made out of the Mizi Vienna leather!:nuts: It's SO SOFT!:love: I think it would look HOT!!!:wlae:
  4. I'd have my headboard covered in Hazelnut Vernis!
  5. I would probably get massive trunks and armoires and wardrobes to use in a walk in closet in all the different materials!!! And a doggie bed too! Hee hee!!!
  6. Suhali L'Extravagant in Germanium, a Black Alligator Keepall 50 with shoulder strap, A steamer bag in Croc, Lots of alligator stuff like my favorite bags.
  7. A gigantic walk-in closet made out of a huge LV monogram trunk, actually with a little bed in it so I could sleep amongst all my LV treasures!!!!

    Wow, that's a little sick, isn't it??
  8. No way, I'd get the trunks too.

    Although I wouldn't want the bed.. thinking of my preciouses being able to watch me sleep or, erm, do other things would creep me out.
  9. Every LV mono truck from the beginning until now, stacked in multiple stacks in my closet.
  10. i would have to say mocha epi draperies!
  11. A Panda Monogram Canvas Speedy 30!!!!
  12. a patchworked carryall that looks like damier made with suhali pieces... obviously lined with chinchilla or mink fur and trimmed with alligator skin=)
  13. trunks, armoires..:girlsigh: :love:
  14. :lol: wow!!! you guys have got some great answers... i think i'd just want a Damier BH! hehehe!
  15. Yeah, I would like a medium-sized white multicolore agenda with a koala closure and a pale pink leather interior. Mmmm.

    I would also love to carry a Saleya PM with monogram canvas and vachetta handles.

    I wish I could actually order these things...