IF USPS PACKAGE IS LOST, Here's who to contact!

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  1. DO NOT call your local office first or the regular 800 number, instead call USPS CONSUMER AFFAIRS either in the originating city or your local consumer affairs. See the link to find them. Be sure to have all details ready along with tracking info. It's wise to stay calm, be nice and take notes of what they say. Often times it's human error that can be resolved, but it's not the person's fault on the other end of the line. Trust me, they are the ones on your side. You want Consumer's Affairs to help you fast? Being nice to them is a good way to go about getting the very best help possible.

    They are the department who handles these situations with your best interests in mind. Whereas the USPS offices and the reg 800 number are not as equipped to deal with it like this department is.

    My Mother was a USPS Postmaster for 27 years and my Dad was a USPS Superintendent for 32 years, they know the USPS world inside and out ...and this is what they tell me to do and it has worked for me every time.

  2. Thank you for this info. I hope to never need it but its good to know!
  3. This is incredibly valuable information and I thank you for sharing!!
  4. Thanks for the info!!
  5. Thank you for posting this info. This will definitely come in handy if I ever do lose a package from USPS.
  6. Thank you very much for this info!
  7. Thanks for the info! Do you know at what point USPS considered a package lost and when Consumer Affairs would be willing to assist? TIA
  8. usps marked a package delivered that was never delivered to me (luckily it was just baby stuff from Amazon). I am home with my newborn so I am here for all deliveries . I didn't miss it.

    I called consumer affairs and was shocked that someone actually called me to tell me they were going to look into it and let me know. BUT then I never heard back from anyone and no one contacted me again....
    The only reason I even called was because I am often getting my neighbors mail and I walk it over to them so mistakes were happening often here.

    I hate that they must be scanning their packages before they even put them on the truck or scanning them in bulk during the day not as they actually drop the package off. What is the point of tracking if it is wrong. How can I fight something when it says delivered but was not delivered to MY house. Both Amazon and usps kept saying well it says delivered so it's not our problem it's been delivered to your house BUT it certainly was not at my house. How can I fight it if it says delivered. It puts you in an awkward situation.
  9. Bagarella keep call them. It is absolutely there job to handle this for u and no its not ok for them to blow u off. U may need to open a complaint.
    Tell them u were home or have a camera and u know that no one came at all. I have a camera at my door and I told them so. They were all over it after I said that. They never asked for the footage ;)
  10. I call the minute something doesn't seem right with the delivery process. Sooner the better in my opinion
  11. Pm me when u can.
  12. How long ago did you get the notification? This happened to me twice with USPS where it says "delivered" but no packages. One arrived 1 wk later, the second one two weeks later. Spoke to my mailman about it and he said sometimes packages get scanned as delivered while it sits in the truck. Not sure why they do this though.
  13. I agree! I might be calling them on Monday if something doesn't change with a package I mailed... Thanks so much for the info!!! :smile:
  14. it's been 3-4 weeks now. I think the package likely went back to Amazon or it was delivered to someone else who just didn't care enough to give it to me or back to usps. OR it's still sitting at the local office.
  15. Have never heard of that before. Sometimes when the regular mail person is off they have a "sub" who usually is new to the job...they are known sadly for making quite a few mistakes, which could have happened in this case.
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