If Ur In Love with Love... And In Love with 'Sex and the City'...

  1. thanks, loved it, I :heart: carrie
  2. Thanks, can't wait for the movie!!
  3. i too can't wait for the movie until a few weeks ago some sa at the gucci in bh told me they were filming there and told me some storylines. boo! it's sorta ruined it for me.
  4. I can't wait for the movie either! I've become addicted to Law & Order CI just so I can get a little bit of a 'Big' fix in the meantime... LOL!

    At least they are good for changing storylines mid-production... Fingers crossed!
  5. I can't wait too. You'll see it before me, i think it will arrive here in may, but me and my friends we are just organizing one girl-only happening to go all togheter to see it!
  6. AHH!! So nice, thanks for posting. I am dying for the movie -- ^^^I am also organizing an all-girls event on the premiere night-- out for Cosmos, then to the SATC movie :smile: As for the story lines, don't worry about it being ruined -- they are filming many, many different scenes and endings to prevent the movie from being spoiled. It will still be a surprise when it comes out because you won't know which story line they decided to go with !
  7. I have seriously misses SATC..... I can't wait either! I can't wait to see what direction they took the characters in.