If ur buying BBags, where do u economize?

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  1. Assuming you have to economize, of course. A blessing on everyone who doesn't have to!

    But I do. Despite the fact that I've been spending money like a drunken sailor solely on BBags in the last month, I really can' t be doing this all the time (hence, the Purse Ban). Yesterday I bought a really cute pair of shoes, and until I found Balenciaga I thought nothing of spending $400 on shoes I really liked. But suddenly I realized I had a limit -- every $400 pair of shoes takes me further away from my next BBag! So when I found this cute pair of shoes for $135, I was thrilled (shoes AND a bag, yeah!). And I realized I now have a $150 limit on shoes. And on jeans, too. And if I go down my closet inventory, I now have limits on everything in order to fund my BBag list, which will just keep growing with every new season of colors.

    What are your limits for other wardrobe items (shoes, jeans, tops, coats, etc...) in order to keep the bag flow going?
  2. I've overspent, but I really want a lilac 04. So I'm selling some other BBags to make enough money for the bag I want.
  3. Good Thread!

    Just like you, Since my Bbag addiction started last month, I have put my $0 limit on my other brand of bag. I will not spend any money on any other brand (at least for right now). My shoes limit is on $150 (just got a pair of Ugg). I picked up couple of nice pants from Anna Tayor Loft for only $29.99!!!
  4. I think I have to be better about shopping sales. I usually shop when I have an event to go to or when I just totally wear something out, like my jeans. And then I pay full price and that's that. But if I went shopping more regularly, I could hit the sale racks knowing that if I don't find what I'm looking for on that excursion, I will on the next one.

    I'm glad to hear that you think $150 is a good limit for shoes! The pair I bought have a high stacked heel and a little buckle on one side of the toe box that looks a lot like the BBag hardware! The shoes look great with my bags...LOL
  5. I have stopped buying clothes for the time-being. I also have not bought any jewelry purchases in awhile (a big love of mine) to be able to fund my bags.
  6. i dont buy clothes anymore. when i was at school, i felt the need to look good all the time.... now that i am working with a bunch of dorks, i wear company tshirt to work and my cheapo jeans. the money that i have saved have gone to balenciaga funds.
  7. I have cut my clothing budget by a ton and I actually haven't bought clothes in a month:wtf: if I keep that up I can get a new bag every month and a half:roflmfao: :yahoo:
  8. i've also stopped buying clothes except for the bare essentials :smile:...i get most of my shoes from "payless" :nuts: & i don't really spend $$$ on anything else except my doggy :tender:
  9. aaalabama - payless really, or is this an obviously gross exaggeration?
    I thrift shop for most things. And don't eat out. And only ride the subway when it's too far to walk :smile:

  10. ^^ yep, it's "payless" baby, no joke
  11. I sold clothes I no longer wear on ebay to fund my first bbag purchase :smile:
  12. Prior to discovering my love for handbags I was a high end cosmetic addict. I know I was spending at least $200 a month on cosmetics and I have quit buying everything but the occasional new mascara or eye lash curler. Everything else - I have enough products to last me easily for the next 5 years.

    So my handbags purchases are coming out of the roughly $2,500 I used to spend on cosmetics plus I plan to use my income tax refund as well - to fund 3 high end designer handbags a year, until I have my fill of them. Then I guess I will move on to my next addiction .... Peggy
  13. slinks....
    walking is a good exercise.....
    maybe i should start biking to work to save money on gas and lose some weight.... hm... killing two birds with one stone? :idea:
  14. :roflmfao:

    I sort of relate to that. I work and go to school with a bunch of total dorks too that dress REALLY bad. I mean really bad. And they couldn't care less. But it's never rubbed off on me... I still like all my pricey bags and clothes. :Push:

    HGF, I definitely try to economize and save $ on other things so that I have more $ to buy bags... but I'm not very practical at it. I'm very cheap about spending $ on stuff like food and practical stuff, etc, but I'll go and spend a lot on a bag or something.
  15. I haven't buy any clothes for a few months now and I've been wearing sweaters from last season but heck, no one can tell because most sweaters look similiar anyway. :P I only bought one pair of shoes this season and that was my Chloe boots so I met my shoe quota for the year. :Push: As for other things, I don't eat out that often and I push off a few parties just so I can spend more time with my family (and also for free food). :graucho: