If u r capped at 2K per year, u would get

  1. As above. I think I will spend it all on Nimbus! Its so heavenly! How abt u gals/guys
  2. I would definatley get the Le Talentueux in white, I Lvoe this bag, I know its not limited or anything but this is my dream bag! x
  3. Probably the red/creme CB Papillon. Or a Trompe L'oeil pochette.
  4. Wow that would suck to spend it all on one bag tho. I kinda like to spread my purchases out. Hard decision. I usually spend that amount or more per month. Makes my head hurt just trying to decide! lol
  5. damier speedy, something discontinued from let-trade, and a small leather good in vernis amarante :heart:
  6. The first thing I'd get would be a BH because I am soooo in love with it. Then a Koala agenda with the mandarin interior...then I don't know...
    Those are the two LV things I *really* want at the moment! :yahoo:
  7. right now i just want the Olympe Stratus PM, and i have every finger and toe crossed that they'll make it to my name on the waitlist
  8. Black MC Speedy or Denim Neo Speedy with an amarante vernis cles. Those are my current loves.:heart: If I had a little more I would get the Fersen.
  9. I would definitely buy a Manhattan GM. I'm in love with it!
  10. If it was this year I'd be done already LOL.... but if I started from scratch then this year I'd get the Amarante Roxbury + finally get my brown/pink CB papillon!
  11. I would get something from the mulitcolor line, probably the speedy in black. I love that bag. Or the Audra, another beautiful bag and you would have a little left over for an accessory.
  12. I'd get sunglasses and a few RTW pieces.
  13. I would get MC shirley or MC speedy :p
  14. i think anything from the cloud line is over 2k. i'd get 2 bags... if I only have 2k. I'd get bags in the 700-1000 range and spend the rest on a scarf or something.
  15. Hmm.. 2K a year? After tax..I would be over $2K with just one bag. I have no idea. I would probably save for 2-3 years and THEN shop!